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4 Things to Know Before Hiring an Expert in Commercial Litigation Law

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Hiring a great commercial litigation lawyer is sometimes the best and only way to deal with a problem within your company. While you may be tempted to hire someone just based on his or her reputation and a referral from another business owner, it’s important to do your own research and make sure that you hire the best lawyer for your needs. Knowing exactly what you need, how you want to communicate with your lawyer, and his or her ability and style will ensure that you have the best possible outcome.

1. What You Need

You have to know exactly how the litigation that you are facing will affect your business. Commercial litigation is an incredibly broad field and can encompass many things. It’s important that you know what you want to happen during and after the litigation as well as the needs of your company so you can be prepared when you meet with a lawyer the first time. It’s smart to talk to your partners or trusted employees about what your company needs during this time and take into consideration what they see as the main problems that you are facing and where you need help.

2. The Style of the Lawyer You’re Considering

Every lawyer is going to have a different style and a different way of handling litigation and you need to make sure that the person you hire is willing to fight for you. Make sure that there are no conflicts of interest with the lawyer that you hire and that he or she is not worried about how he or she will appear if he or she is ruthless with protecting you and your case during this time. This is also the time to think about the speciality of the lawyer and to make sure that he or she has successfully won cases that are similar to yours.

3. His or Her Communication Style

You need to make sure that you are on the same page with your lawyer about how often you will receive updates about your suit, when you will meet to discuss progress, and who in their office you can talk to if he or she is unavailable to take your call. Communication with your lawyer is incredibly important and can make or break your case as well as keep you from being too stressed and frustrated during this time. You never want to feel as if you are bothering your lawyer for an update about your case so make sure that he or she is willing to communicate with you regularly about any changes or advances.

4. Who Will Handle Your Case?

It’s very common for more than one lawyer in a group to work on a case. This helps share the load, allows lawyers to work to their strengths, and will ensure that all problems are taken care of. While this is useful, it can also be frustrating if you do not know who is really in charge. Make sure that the lawyer you hire is willing to be your contact person and that he or she will stay on top of all delegated work so that you can receive timely updates.

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