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4 Reasons You Might Need a New Furnace

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A new furnace installation is a major expense for most people, so we often hang on to our current furnaces as long as possible. However, there are times when we might need to consider buying a new one if it looks like the one we have is not doing its job.

1. Your Furnace Requires Frequent Repairs

If you have been calling the local HVAC expert to come and diagnose frequent furnace issues, it may be time to reevaluate the time and money being spent on the current furnace compared to what a new one would cost. In addition, despite several minor repairs, an aging furnace could give out at any time, which means you will have to buy a new one anyway. There are plenty of resources available at the Climate Experts website for more information.

2. You Can’t Seem to Rectify a Persistent Furnace Problem

If the HVAC technician is unable to completely diagnose and permanently repair an ongoing furnace issue, like a grunting noise or a steam-like smell, you may want to replace the older furnace with a new one. Usually, problems can be promptly identified and addressed, but sometimes there are odd situations where the furnace stops acting normally and becomes less reliable.

3. You are Expanding Your Home or Office

Depending on the added space to your current home or office building, an additional or a larger furnace may be needed to adequately heat the area. An HVAC professional can evaluate your heating needs and advise you on the size and type of furnace that might be needed. However, if you are planning to screen in an existing back porch and use the area as a three-season room, you might not need a bigger furnace or a second one. A space heater could be adequate. But adding a wing to the home or refinishing an unused part of the house may require additional heating.

4. Your Furnace is Becoming Less Reliable

Even if you are not calling an HVAC pro for frequent repairs, you might notice that your old furnace seems to be taking longer to heat up the home or does not work quite as efficiently as before. Your heating bill may be increasing, but you don’t know exactly why. If the HVAC technician explains that the furnace is simply showing its age, you could wait a bit for it to give out completely before paying for another furnace installation. Or you might decide to invest in a new energy-efficient model now, especially if you have young children, aging elders, or a chronically ill person in the home that depends on consistent heating.

If you have questions about your furnace’s current symptoms or future capabilities, contact an HVAC expert to discuss your concerns.

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