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8 Good Corporate Video Ideas for Beginners

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So, you finally want to make that corporate video you’ve been thinking about. Maybe you’ve been postponing because designing one is not easy. Still, it’s never that straightforward because you must deliver a touch of professionalism and friendliness.

There is a lot you can do in a corporate video. Besides the seven ideas, you can teach other businesses how to make such videos, tour the premises, and much more. Whichever ideas seem incredible for your brand, working with professional videographers, editors, designers, and marketing consultants is best.

That brings you to today’s discussion summarizing ideas for making expert corporate videos.

Idea #1: Introduce the Company

Every client who comes across your products undoubtedly wants to know more about you. Make people understand how far you’ve come, including your history, mission, and vision.

You can also bring in a sense of background and culture without being too sensitive. Professionals testify that introduction content is the easiest yet most challenging and requires total dedication.

Idea #2: Show a Day in the Life of Your Company

Another incredible idea for corporate video production is to show your audience a day in the life of your business operations. Every company undertakes unique activities daily from when it opens the premises until closing. You can choose a specific day to showcase these errands before the audience.

It can be a record of the employees going about their duties or introducing their positions in the company and how they feel about being a part of it. Other businesses opt to film their daily input and output in the most summarized way possible.

Idea #3: Explain Your Logo

You must have a story about how you came up with your company’s logo, right? Use a corporate video to demonstrate it to your customers. Tell them what each symbol or colour means and what inspired you to settle on it.

By the end of it all, you can be assured that your clients will be deeply connected to your brand, hence purchase or collaborate more. Offer as many details as possible while keeping it transparent because people want to dig deeper.

Idea #4: Offer a Behind-the-Scenes of Your Operations

People love to see some behind-the-scenes content. You can agree on that. And yes, they make ideal content for a corporate video to ease the curiosity of many wondering how your products/services are offered. If you deal with certain products, you can film their preparation process from when the raw materials arrive until they’re fully transformed into a ready product.

It’s wise to accompany your video with slight elaboration on each process for further understanding. The same goes for service providers, whereby you can showcase your employees in action alongside the final look.

Idea #5: Conduct a Question-and-Answer Session

A corporate video would address the burning and frequent questions you have received as a company. You can make the session enjoyable by arranging the quizzes from the least to the most intriguing.

You can also have different employees answer the questions based on their knowledge or specialization. Q&A content is an excellent technique for every business as it enlightens customers and clears potential ones’ doubts.

Idea #6: A Display of Your Achievements, Rewards, or Certificates

Even if there are few, showing a closer look at your business’s awards can be incredible corporate video content. Walk your audience through each achievement, briefly explaining when and how you received them.

These achievements include a competition you won, a substantial profit margin you crossed, business anniversaries, and others. This could also be a perfect time to reveal what you’re working on or intend to achieve.

Idea #7: Film at Events

Corporate videos shot at events are amazing. They distract viewers from the usual business setup and show that your brand is focused on more than selling.

The event could be an educational fair, trip, annual conference, company party, or partnership event with another brand. Record everything, then edit it into a shorter, enjoyable, and smooth corporate video.

Idea #8: Understand the Benefits of Corporate Videos

Here are some benefits to anticipate from creating corporate videos for your business.

Brand establishment and reinforcement

Corporate videos are the most effective way to present your brand before the customers and keep it on top.

Search engine improvement

Another important aspect of adopting the video strategy for your brand is boosting your presence on search engines, driving more traffic to your website.


Corporate videos can be applied to different needs, from marketing to passing different information, training a group of employees, or demonstrating particular products.


Videos are the most preferred search tools globally compared to their counterparts. That means your work will rank incredibly on YouTube and other platforms.

Don’t forget that you can recycle the same videos for an extended period before you design new ones. They can also deliver an extensive presentation that you would otherwise not cover in an article or images.

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