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6 Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

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The more tankless water heaters are installed across the country, the more it intrigues people to find out what all the hype is with this technology. It is a method of heating the water you and your family need without the clunky, space-consuming features of a traditional tank storage system. Below are six benefits of having a plumber install a tankless water heating system.

1. Immediate Hot Water

Imagine turning on the hot water tap and getting nearly instantaneous results. It is rarely a possibility with a tank water heater unless the tap is close to the hot water source and the tank has just heated the water. A tankless hot water heating system heats the water quickly when it is needed most. It saves time and you can get the business at hand done without any frustration.

2. Easy to Customize the Tankless System for Hot Water Demands

The hot water usage is different for every family. Smaller families typically use less than bigger families, and homes with multiple bathrooms tend to need more hot water access. You can enjoy a seemingly endless supply of hot water by installing more than one system in homes with high hot water demand.

3. Tankless Systems Save Water

The ability to access hot water quickly helps save water use on a consistent basis. You will no longer have to keep the water running, waiting for the cool water to turn warm, warmer, and eventually hot. Saving a little water each day adds up over the month.

4. Hot Water Energy Savings

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Being able to avoid heating up a tank of water and having it grow cold, only to need reheating again will save energy. You only use the energy source for heating the water when it is needed. You can even forego the pilot for a gas operated unit by having a plumber install a tankless water heater system with an electric ignition.

5. Lower Maintenance Costs

The overall maintenance costs for a tankless water heating system are far less than a standard tank model. With routine maintenance, you will notice a reduction in problems that are typical with burned out heating elements or corroded tanks.

6. No Worries of Leaking Tanks

Water leaks are one of the biggest concerns when it comes to water heater tanks. Rust or tiny punctures can cause leaks that threaten any portion of the home close enough to absorb the leaking water. A tankless system will stand up to time and use without the worries of water damage.

Explore the benefits of having a tankless water heater installed by a professional plumber. You can finally have the hot water you need without all the hassle of a traditional tank.

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