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4 Simple Guidelines for Using Moving Services

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Anyone who has done a big move with the help of a professional company will have a strong opinion about this. Whether they were thrilled or utterly disappointed, Edmonton movers are not someone you’re likely to forget anytime soon after the big day. Moving is stressful and it is pretty much inevitable that a few unexpected issues will arise.

That being said, if you’re working with a good moving team, you should be able to navigate these issues fairly well without much of a headache. Here are some principles to follow when finding a moving company to help you with your next big move.

1. Understand the exact types of services the company offers

Depending the amount of stuff you need transported, how delicate it is, and how far you need it to be taken, you might find certain companies that specialize if your specific set of needs. For example, if you have a grand piano and any antiques, you certainly want to go with a company that already has extensive experience in transporting these kinds of valuables. Or maybe you find yourself in a position where you are going to require help actually packing your goods, there are companies that specialize in these kinds of services too.

While you are evaluating the types of services they offer though, keep in mind that you will have to pay extra for certain extras, while some companies provide a one size fits all model for determining price levels. Beware of hidden feeds that might sneak up on you and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions about the additional services they offer.

2. Get an in-home estimate before signing any type of contract

Speaking of avoiding hidden fees, it is important to get an in-home estimate before making a final decision about the moving company you want. In fact, this is a good way to determine right away whether or not a company is reputable. Those who take their job seriously and have been in the industry for a while will appreciate that this is part of their job and will be quick to suggest it early on in the process.

A quick online quote of an estimate given over the phone is a reasonable starting point, but you need an actual in-home estimate in you’re going to have a completely accurate quote in advance. This will also give you the time to plan your moving day alongside the movers and discuss any potential challenges like flights of stairs or large fixtures that could result in extra charges.

3. Read reviews and listen to recommendations

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice in your area, reach out to family, friends, and even neighbors for advice or recommendations. Online forums are also very helpful when it comes to assessing a company’s reputation but be wary of taking one or two really strong reviews for more than they are worth.

4. Pay attention to details like licensing and insurance

Giving a new company a lot of money for a service can be a daunting prospect and knowing that the team you are going with is well protected if something goes wrong can provide a lot of peace of mind. Ask the company for the licensing number and do research to understand the type of type of valuation protection they provide and the costs that will apply to the level of your goods. A reputable company should have this information readily available and will be happy to share it with you in order to give you peace of mind and demonstrate their commitment.

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