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5 Ways To Use a Real Estate CRM To Keep In Touch With Your Previous Buyers

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A real estate CRM system makes it easy to remind your past clients that you are still in the business. It lets them know if they need any help, have any questions, or if they want to refer friends or family members to you, you are always available. There are different techniques you want to use for past sellers and past buyers. Five ways you can use the CRM to keep yourself in front of previous buyers are:

1. Year-End Holiday Greetings

You may like to mail out traditional holiday cards, but setting up an end of the year greeting is easy to do with a real estate CRM. During this time of year, things can get hectic, and it may be more realistic with your schedule to send out a thoughtful email and then call them the next year after things have quieted down. With a CRM, you have options.

2. Buying Anniversary

Once the property has closed, go into your system and set up an email to go out one year from the date to wish the buyers a happy home-buying anniversary. Depending on your buyer’s personality, you can make the communication lighthearted and funny or warm and sincere. It is just important that you acknowledge them, and let them know you are thinking about them even after a year.

3. Neighborhood Updates

Most homeowners like to know what is happening with the values of property in their area. Getting an update about their neighborhood after closing can be a surprising email for many people. Once a deal closes, they may not expect to hear from you about real estate for some time, but if you send neighborhood updates regularly, you continue to offer them value. For further information, you may find there are more resources on the IXACT Real Estate CRM website.

4. Funny Dates To Celebrate

To break up news about real estate, find a funny date to celebrate. Some ideas are National Cupcake Day, which is December 15th, Bike to Work Day is May 17th, and Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day is April 25th. Once a year, check the dates to make sure they are still the same then set up the automatic emails. It is a refreshing change.

5. Vacation

When you have a vacation planned, create a custom email for your past buyer’s category and personalize it. Let them know now that they are in their homes you will be taking some time off, but tell them how they can get a hold of you if they need to or who they can get a hold of in your absence. Most likely, they will not need anything, but they will appreciate you being there for them. You can make this letter more personal since you have spent considerable time with these people and probably know them well. Tell them where you are going and what you are looking forward to doing. Again, this is different from the typical real estate news, but using a real estate CRM can help make you a not-so-typical agent.

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