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Four Signs You Need to Invest in a Real Estate CRM

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When you were just starting out as a real estate agent, you may have had minimal leads to stay in contact with and only a couple of clients that required your attention at any given time. It may have been easy for you to keep up with all of your work activities regularly when you had such a light workload. However, now that business is picking up, you may be struggling in different ways. A real estate CRM, or customer relationship manager, may provide you with effective benefits. These are some of the primary signs that indicate likelihood that you may benefit from a CRM program.

1. You Forget Important Tasks

When you have too many things going on at one time, it is easy to overlook important tasks. For example, you may have just told a client that you would immediately send a document over for review and signature when you receive an email from another client about an urgent matter. It is easy to get distracted and forget things, and a real estate customer relationship manager can help you to stay on track so that you do not forget important to-do items. You can always learn more at the IXACT Contact website.

2. You Struggle with Timely Follow-Up

You may be working with numerous clients who are casually looking or who are keeping tabs on the market so that they can act at an ideal time. These are clients who you may only need to reach out to every week or two to touch base and provide market updates. When you overlook follow-ups, you run the risk of losing clients or missing out on great opportunities.

3. Your Marketing Efforts Are Ineffective

Over time, you may develop a long contact list that you need to reach out to regularly. However, your leads may include different types of clients, such as first-time buyers, those who want to downsize, those who want to upgrade and more. In addition, they may be hot or cold leads. You can customize marketing communications more easily and effectively with the help of a customer relationship manager.

4. You Feel Tied to Your Desk

While you may spend many hours out in the field throughout the week, you may feel like you cannot properly handle communications with clients unless you are in your office. After all, all of your notes and correspondence may be on your desktop. A quality CRM may have mobile applications, and this can help you to be more efficient regardless of your location.

A new CRM may be a financial investment, but it is an investment that can take your activities to the next level. If you can relate to any of these challenges, now may be the right time begin comparing features and capabilities of different programs.

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