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6 Business Benefits of Promotional Products

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Promotional items come in so many different forms, the limits are really just whatever limits you have on your imagination. If you can find some really interesting branded item that you think will resonate with your customers, why not invest?

The truth is, investing in promotional items, branded objects that you intend to give out for free, can almost seem like a waste of money. But there are many reasons why investing in promotional items is actually good for business.

1. Subconscious brand recognition

What do a pen, a pad of paper, a t-shirt, and a USB stick have in common? They are all brandable, and they are all objects that many people use during their day-to-day life. When they are doing that, your brand is getting visibility. While people may not see the t-shirt and think specifically that they will go and buy your product, your brand is now recognizable to people who see it, and if faced with the option of your brand and one they have never seen before, they are more likely to pick one they feel more familiar with. Visit Brandability for additional resources.

2. Makes the customer feel special

People love free stuff. Furthermore, people function in a very tit for tat kind of way, meaning, if they feel like you’ve helped them out by giving them some free products, they will want to help you out by supporting your company. They will use the free item you gave them and they will likely choose your company over another they don’t feel any sort of bond with.

3. Breaks the ice

It creates a talking point for people making small talk, or if someone compliments the product. If anything about that promotional item comes up, your company will likely be mentioned, and it could move the conversation towards positive things about your company. The next thing you know, that customer who was using your product is now an ambassador for your brand.

4. Long-term advertising

Promotional items also work because of how long-term the products can be as advertising tools. You pay mere dollars for a product that you give away, and assuming the quality is fairly good, and depending on what the product is, that product will provide brand recognition and visibility for your company for months or even years. That’s a lot of bang for your buck when you think of how much other forms of advertisement cost.

5. Continuously advertise to the same group

The people using your promotional items will likely be using them around the same people, for the most part. If it is something like a mug, they might have it at work where all of their coworkers will notice your brand every day, five days a week. If it is a t-shirt, the person’s friends will see it every so often, and may begin recognizing it. Studies show that the more a person sees a brand, the more likely they’ll purchase something from it or use its services. By using your promotional items to advertise to the same group over and over, you increase the chances of all of those people purchasing your products

6. Reach out to relevant prospects

One of the most important parts of advertising is to not waste money targeting irrelevant groups. People tend to hang out with people who have similar interests, so what better way to target potential clients than to go through the people they hang around with? If the client who received the promotional item is a fairly loyal client, then it will likely be easier to interest their friends in your products or services as well.

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