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5 Good Types of Wine That Everyone Enjoys

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There are many good types of wine you can choose either for yourself or even a special occasion. These can also be quite affordable, which is always nice. It can be a little intimidating especially when you see rows and rows of wine bottles on the shelf. Not to worry, you can always ask someone in the store or make your wine purchase online for more information.

One thing you can also do is stick to the good types of wine enjoyed by many people. If everyone chooses something, or likes it, it has to be relatively good, right? Nobody is going to pick a bad one! Let’s look at the five best types of wine that are also affordable.

1. Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

Due to its rich and robust texture, this is known as one of the good types of wine. They are generally aged in French oak where it is combined with earthy aromas and spices. It has flavours of black pepper, black currant and anise. It is easily one of the most popular red wines in the world.

While it is grown all over the world, the two most famous places are in Bordeaux and the Napa Valley. This is typically served with red meat or a juicy steak.

2. Pinot Noir Wine

This is a light to medium-bodied red wine. The grapes from which it is made are lighter. They tend to do better in colder climates. Perhaps this is why the flavour can range from spicy horseradish to dark fruit and earthy mushrooms, depending on where it is from. French Burgundy is arguably the most famous, however, it is also more expensive.

There are good versions of this at more affordable prices, thankfully. Look for ones from the United States and New Zealand. There is also a very good German version that is called Spätburgunder. In Germany, this particular version is pretty much the cream of the crop. You should be able to get it here in Canada, but if your local store does not stock it, you can always order it online.

3. Riesling Wine

This is a white wine made from a grape that has its origins in the Rhine region. It is a famous and much-cherished wine from Germany. Riesling goes well with spicy foods like Asian cuisines but it also goes well with pork and other rich foods.

Its versatility definitely makes this a good type of wine due to its balance of acidity and sugar. This is why Riesling is such a good pairing with many types of food. In Germany, they sometimes cook cabbage with Riesling. Apparently, this decreases the smell of the cabbage. Who are we to argue?

4. Merlot Wine

This wine is made from a dark-blue grape variety. In the Bordeaux wine region, it is the most widely-planted grape. This is also a very good type of red wine which is incredibly popular all over the world. It has spice and vanilla notes.

A Merlot is also great for pairing with food because it gives you many options, so basically, it is hard to go wrong. It is especially good with lamb, duck and even a hamburger. So, if you take someone out for a cheap hamburger date, redeem yourself with a Merlot.

5. Zinfandel Wine

The grapes generally produce a robust red wine, a wine which is not only really good, but also popular around the globe. In the United States, these grapes are grown mostly in California and is aged in American oak. This gives it an earthy spiciness and a jam-like ripe fruit flavour. The alcohol content is high, so be prepared for quite a punch! It is very good with grilled or smoked meats, however, its versatility means that it goes well with a large variety of foods.

Some other good types of wine that deserve a mention include Syrah or Shiraz, Malbec, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Remember, there are varieties, but you can always get a good one at a good price.

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