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How to Get Started as a Real Estate Agent: 6 Tips

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Becoming a real estate agent isn’t always an easy path, but it is a rewarding one with plenty of benefits for you, your loved ones, and the clients you help along the way.

Whether you’ve been planning to become a real estate agent for years or you’ve just recently felt a pull to embrace this career path, you’ll probably need some pointers on how to make good. There’s plenty of good advice out there and we’ve collected a list of six great ways on how to get started a new real estate agent.

1. Figure out how you’re going to market yourself

When you first start out as a real estate agent, your chief priority – and concern – will most likely be getting clients. You’ll be starting out as a relatively unknown agent and it can be difficult to find those first few people who are willing to place some of their financial future in your hands. Even if you’re part of a large, reputable real estate agency it can still be extremely difficult to be recognized. And that’s where marketing comes in.

When you get started as a new real estate agent, you’ll have a limited budget for marketing efforts. The budget is almost always paid for out of your own pocket, so you need to make sure you’re not wasting your money. You can pay for ads in local newspapers and online, but don’t forget to also build a social media following (Instagram is great for this)…and an awesome website.

Remember: you only get one shot at a first impression, so make sure that any and all potential clients see the best of you, via your marketing efforts and contact management tools.

2. Get your name out there – everywhere

This goes hand in hand with marketing but it’s somewhat different because…how are people going to discover your great website or trendy Instagram profile when they don’t even know your name? You can’t market yourself if people don’t know who you are, but how will people know who you are unless you market yourself?

It sounds like a catch-22, but there’s a relatively simple solution: business cards. Give a business card to literally everyone you meet. The cashier at the store? Uncle Mark at the family reunion? The guy who changed your car’s tires? Yes, yes, and yes. Even if they don’t currently need a real estate agent, they will one day. And in the meantime, they just might recommend you to their friends.

3. Connect with industry veterans

It can be scary to put yourself out there – not only to clients but to peers and higher-ups in the real estate industry. But by doing just that, you’ll forge important connections and relationships that you can count on your whole career. It’s a great idea to seek out giants in the world of real estate, industry veterans who have seen everything and who know what it takes to make it in the business.

By learning from them, you’ll be helping yourself…and any future clients, since you’ll be better able to meet emergencies and various other situations. In order to land a good mentor, let them really see you shine – showcase your talents and abilities so they know that mentoring you won’t be a waste of their time.

4. Know what your business plan is

So you’ve gotten a few leads (or you at least have all your information out there for interested people), you have a great mentor, and you’re just waiting for that big break. What do you do in the interim? Create and solidify a business plan.

The real estate industry isn’t just about buying and selling houses – it’s about making a name and a career for yourself in as few years as possible. And you won’t have clear direction on how to do that until you take the time to plan out each step. So sharpen that pencil or boot up your computer and start planning!

5. Organize your day/life

Disorganization has felled real estate agents more experienced than you – and you don’t want to be the next casualty. If you receive any leads, follow them up as quickly as possible.

If that isn’t immediately, you need to note down each lead’s information in an easy to access place so that you don’t lose any important data. Forgetting what date that open house was or missing a deadline can crack your career before it even gets off the ground.

6. Take care in how you present yourself

This isn’t about marketing but instead about the more human connection you have with each potential – and actual – client. People want to know that they can trust you, confide in you, and rely on you as they transition between homes or purchase/sell property.

You can boost their confidence in you with how you present yourself: calm, pulled together, professional, and quick-thinking. Practice remaining poised in the face of problems and remember…the client always comes first.

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