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Four Reasons You Still Need a Mover When You’re Moving Down the Block

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When people think of moving to a new home, they often envision a journey across the country, state or at least to a few towns away. However, you may love your current neighborhood but want a different house. Whether you’ve purchased a home literally on the same block as your current one or you’re heading a couple of miles away, you might think that you can tackle the project without a mover. However, numerous reasons exist as to why you should still hire a moving company.

1. You Can’t Predict the Weather

As you’re planning out the big day, you may see yourself carrying some of your items down the block and into the new house. However, you don’t know what the weather is going to be like when the time comes. A prodigious storm with gusty winds and heavy rains could ruin your plans. By hiring a mover, you are ensuring that you have the proper vehicle ready to deliver all of your belongings to the new place.

2. Furniture is Heavy

You may also picture yourself, along with some handy relatives and friends, moving all of your furniture out of the house. While you might be able to manage the breakfast table and the nightstands by yourself, attempting to move a large couch or a bed is an entirely different project. In addition to potentially breaking or damaging the furniture, you could seriously injure yourself. Instead of risking your well-being, allow a moving company to take care of the work for you.

3. Doors Can Deceive

While you’re looking at the doorways to your new home, you may think that the furniture will fit in without an issue. You absolutely need to measure out any entrances and doors before the day of the move. However, in the event that a mistake occurs, your best bet is to have a professional moving team there to help you to figure out your options for getting your favorite sofa or your king-sized bed into the house.

4. Most Cars Aren’t Large Enough

Another simple reason why you need to hire professional Edmonton movers, regardless of how far away you are going, is that your personal vehicle is unlikely to be large enough to hold all of your furniture. Even tying items to the roof doesn’t work in all cases, and this approach can just be dangerous. When you working with a moving team, you can get a truck that will offer plenty of space for your items.

It doesn’t really matter where you’re moving to; hiring professionals for the day of the big move is a necessity. By doing so, you are taking some of the stress off of yourself and allowing for a smoother transition.

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