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5 Unique Ways to Use Promotional Products

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Marketing is an essential part of every business strategy, and its effectiveness determines the company’s edge over its competitors. A promotional item is one of the marketing approaches you can use to get an edge over your competitor because your products get into the hands of your customers. The products offer free advertising and are a sure way of winning customer loyalty.

1. Give promotional items during a product launch

A business can get a smart product and tie it with a product launch, and it will achieve an outstanding promotion. For instance, you can design personalized utensils to give out during a mail campaign when launching a new packaged dinner’s line. The recipients will appreciate the gift. Also, you should be creative when designing such giveaways to get sales.

2. Give promotional items to customers

Many people get fascinated by freebies; hence a company can take advantage of that. The business needs to give the items to its clients to ensure that its brand reaches out not only to the customers but any other individual that interacts with your clients. You can give printed t-shirts, duffle bags, bumper stickers, and jackets.

3. Give promotional items at work

Your company’s employees ought to be the first to promote your business by marketing its products. The employees can wear promotional items such as branded caps, t-shirts or even jumpers. Your customers are probably going to ask about your products or services when they see what you sell. Also, if you specialize in products that your employees can use in their daily activities, consider using the products as promotional items. Also, you can issue the promo products during team building events where your employees are involved.

4. Use promotional items at tradeshows

Trade fairs are one of the ways businesses can use to promote their brand because they offer more exposure than other marketing strategies. In fact, some trade fairs even have an international audience; hence, you don’t want to waste such an opportunity. When you are participating in a trade fair, make sure that all attendees get a branded pen, drink bottle, t-shirt, duffle bag, or fleece jacket. While designing the products for the trade fair, make sure you brand them by incorporating your company’s logo or a personalized message. Also, make sure the items are of high quality because it is the perfect chance to make an excellent first impression.

5. Give out promotional items at sponsored events

Promotional products should go beyond your sales team, customers and employees. You need to reach out to your potential clients. You can take the opportunity of a company-sponsored event such as picnics, sales cruises or PR events to become generous with promo products so that you make a lasting impression or positive impact on potential customers. Also, make sure that the product you select is suitable for the event like t-shirts for concerts and golf balls for golf tournaments.

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