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4 Ways To Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

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Sliding glass doors are attractive, functional, and desirable. But when they’re not secured properly, they can pose a security risk — especially because glass is breakable. In this article, we’ll go over 4 locksmith recommended ways to secure your sliding glass door so you can enjoy its functionality without worry.


Method 1: Install security cameras outside the door.

While this may not be the first solution you’d think of, installing security cameras can do wonders to deter burglars and vandals from your sliding glass doors. Criminals know to scan their targeted area for cameras, and to avoid them like the plague.

Having security cameras can give you peace of mind that you’d have an image of anyone who broke in, and it can also help deter criminals from your home in the first place. It’s a win-win!

Ask your local locksmith for a security camera recommendation.


Method 2: Invest in a high security lock.

Did you know sliding glass doors can have a variety of locks? By consulting with your local Toronto locksmith, you can get an idea of your options for protecting your doors. Often, high-security options are available that fit with the constraints of your sliding glass door.

Securing your sliding glass doors may be as simple as changing the lock to a more secure model.


Method 3: Apply glass security film.

Sliding glass doors may be vulnerable to breakage, and it can be an easy way for burglars and thieves to enter your home. Installing a simple security film to the surface of your glass doors can make them much more difficult to break, and can prevent criminals from entering your home.

You can think of security film like invisible bars for your glass door — without the bulky, prison-like look. Glass security film is also an inexpensive security option, which can be installed by a professional or even DIY’d.


Method 4: Use a motion sensor and security alarm.

It’s relatively easy to install motion sensors, lights, and security alarms on the outside of your sliding glass doors, and these features can do a lot to deter criminals from targeting your property. For example, you can use a motion sensor to trigger a porch light (which can scare off burglars, who prefer to work in the dark), or even an alarm, which is startling and draws attention to the area.

You can also consider installing a smart home alarm system, combining alarms and cameras with motion sensors to deter burglars. Many smart home alarm systems can automatically contact the police if your home security is breached. Even having a sign from your security system provider in the window can deter burglars from breaking into your home.


Although sliding glass doors can pose a bit of a security risk, there are many great options recommended by locksmith security experts to secure them. It’s certainly possible to enjoy the beauty and functionality of your sliding glass doors, and rest assured that they are well-protected.

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