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Top 4 Features to Look for in a Real Estate CRM

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The strength of relationships largely determines the success of real estate agents. But with lots of information and properties to manage, you can find it difficult to maintain viable business relationships and eventually fail. The good news, however, is that real estate CRM with the most important features can help you to overcome these hurdles and increase your customer flow. Find here the top four features that you need to boost your sales and productivity.

1. Web-based

The best real estate CRM should be able to work on the move as the agents hardly spend most of their day in the office. You may need to gather and transmit data from any location. Avoid a software system that can only be used in the office. Instead, go for web-based systems to overcome this challenge. With these systems, provided you have a stable Internet connection, you can access your account and communicate with your colleague remotely. For more knowledge, Ixact Real Estate CRM may offer additional resources on their website.

2. Contact and Lead Management

Think of customer relationship management software as your address book- only with more features. The software can reflect how your customers influence the sales process in several ways. It provides a central location for keeping all your business contacts, enables you to personalize your messages and services, helps you to track your leads, and enables you to craft smart follow-up strategy. This way, you can rely on the marketing tool to conveniently manage your contacts and leads.

3. Email Automation

Competent real estate agents are taking advantage of a variety of digital tools to generate lots of leads. With so many leads, they need a reliable means to manage their email campaigns. Use behavior-based email automation to be able to send personalized emails to the online search history of your leads.

4. Transaction Management

A useful real estate customer relationship management system will also enable you to manage your leads from lead generation to transactions effectively. The main reason you are in business is likely to make money. So if your system can’t help you throughout the lead-generation-to-transactions process, it’s better you discard it. Go for the right solution. Choose a system that will allow you to store and upload the relevant documents to keep all your transaction information on a single platform. A platform that allows you to manage the entire process reduces the possibility of making serious mistakes.

The secret is to pay for CRM features that you actually need and use. At the end of the day, your success as a real estate agent is determined by your ability to manage your relationships in the most cost-effective way. If you are already in the business and are generating leads, use a CRM unit built around the features that you need most to realize your short and long-term business goals.

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