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7 Interesting Trivia Facts About Trash Compactors

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Trash compactors are an amazing machine. They can take a whole bunch of trash and make it significantly smaller. But even with all the great benefits they provide, not everybody is using a trash compactor. Some people even wonder if trash compactors are still around. They certainly are! And there are a few surprising facts that you may not know about trash compactors that may help you understand why they’re so great.

1. They compact trash down from six bags to one

Trash compactors really do their job. They can take the equivalent of six normal household garbage bags and compact it down into one very manageable 30-pound package. Not only does it create less space in your garbage can which can save you money on waste disposal, trash compactors can help create a lot of extra space in landfills. They also help create less plastic waste from all those plastic garbage bags that are being used. Domestic trash compactors do still use plastic liner bags, however using one bag instead of six is a significant improvement.

2. They can compact recycling too

Trash compactors do not have to only be for trash. They work just as well for recyclable materials as well and provide the same space-saving benefits as when trash is compacted. It is important to note, however, that is not recommended to put glass into the compactor, even though it is a recyclable material. This feature of trash compactors can also save you money on recycling removal fees, just like with trash compaction.

3. They are not dirty

Because of the bag that lines the domestic trash compactor, there isn’t really a big gross factor. The only part that does touch the trash is the actual compactor. This can be cleaned if necessary, however many people simply place something clean – like a newspaper – over top of the garbage before compacting. This ensures that the garbage does not touch the compactor at all. As well, modern trash compactors are easy to clean, easy to wipe, and have features in place to ensure you don’t have to smell the garbage in your compactor.

4. They are safe

Modern trash compactors in particular are very safe. Nowadays they will not turn on and will not compact unless completely closed. Some even have a child lock so that a child cannot turn on the machine on his or her own. Other machines require a key in order to turn activate the on switch. This ensures that nobody – especially playful and curious children – can get injured by the machine.

5. They are not too big

When you think trash compactor, you may think of some big dirty machine. Industrial compactors may be big and bulky out of necessity, but domestic trash compactors are small and easy to install.

6. They are not loud

At one time trash compactors may have been a pain due to the loud noises they would make while running, however modern trash compactors make significantly less noise and so are not such a nuisance to have to run. It would be easy to run a trash compactor while company was over, if necessary. No need to strategically plan garbage compacting around company, or starting a garbage bag on the side if your party creates a lot of trash – using your compactor won’t bother anybody.

7. They come in different styles

Just like the rest of your home and your life, you are unique and you have unique preferences. Different trash compactors come in different styles and styles to suit your preferences and needs, just like any other appliance you would buy.

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