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5 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for a Move

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Moving is tougher for kids than adults because they feel like they don’t have control of things. Children will react to the decision to move differently based on their personalities. Some will be excited, while others decide their stride. You need to help your kids to feel involved in the decision to move as well as the process. You can even involve them in the process of selecting a mover so that they feel part of the decision making process.

1. Talk to the kids early

One of the tips that have worked for most parents to prepare their kids for a move is talking to them early. Don’t be afraid of ruining the birthday or Christmas surprise that you had planned for them. You give your children enough time to get used to the decision when you talk to them about the decision to move. It would be a good idea to give the kid information about the new home and neighborhood beforehand. Additionally, talking to them reduces the shock of waking up one morning to find a mover in their house packing clothes and toys.

2. Allow them to make choices

Let the children be part of making several decisions because they already feel powerless. You can allow them to make decisions, such as choosing their bedroom, its color and how to arrange it, the name of the new home, the toys to keep in the new home and participate in interviewing movers. Avoid locking them out of making decisions or choices. Learn more information from Matco moving and their available resources.

3. Don’t throw away old toys when packing

One of the mistakes you should avoid when moving with your kids is throwing away their toys when packing. Let the kids separate their toys into three categories. Let them keep the toys that they would like to move with to the new home aside from the broken toys that are beyond repairs and aside from the old toys that they can give away to other kids. That way, children feel prepared and ready for the move because you already involved them in matters that affect them.

4. Acknowledge the importance of the move

Importantly, acknowledge your kid’s feelings, attitudes, and concerns while taking in the good and the bad. Let them understand that it is okay to feel angry and anxious. Besides, the loss of a familiar environment and loss of friends might take a toll on the kids. You need to be open to them about why you are moving and explain the significance.

5. Make time for goodbyes and create memories

You can consider holding a goodbye party and let the kids invite their friends. It is a perfect time for them to say goodbye to their friends and family. Make sure you take photos and videos during the party and include the photos in their photo album for memories.

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