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5 things you need to read if you are moving to Canada

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Are you planning on moving to Canada? If so, you are not alone. Immigration to Canada is having a big upsurge, as many US citizens, among other nationalities, are moving there for good reasons. It is not very difficult, but to save time, you should consult with immigration lawyers. Whichever is your reason to go, the steps are the same.

1. Read up!

Canada is a big country, with an even bigger variety of places, culture, and job opportunities. Find out where you most want to settle and make sure you have a clear idea of the place. What job opportunities are there? Is your education and or skills in demand? A prolonged job search could take the thrill away from your adventure, and the same goes for working a job you don’t enjoy.

2. Do you speak it?

If you speak both English and French fluently, you are one of a lucky few. If you don’t, make sure you know the dominant language of where you are applying for jobs. If you don’t speak French and want to work in Montreal, you can succeed, but it is a big plus to at least have an intermediate level to show for during an interview. Socially, however, you can get by in Montreal only speaking English.

3. Find out which type of visa applies to your case

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is the government branch that processes applications and gives temporary and permanent visas, as well as citizenship. Some visas are easy to obtain, and some are harder. Depending on the type, different requirements follow, and so do documents and certificates.

4. If in doubt, check with a professional

You will hopefully only apply for this visa once, so it is well worth taking a little extra time to get everything right the first time around, and not hand in incomplete forms. It is recommended that you consult immigration lawyer to let you know that all your paperwork is ready to be handed it. You might also feel better hiring one from start to finish.

5. Rent or buy?

Ask yourself how much you are willing to pay, and how much you are willing to commute to where your job search is centered around. You can start out by renting short-term, and as you get to know the place, determine where you want to stay permanently. Keep in mind that Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive cities in this regard, but there are variations from neighborhood to neighborhood. On a general note, tenants´ rights are well protected in Canada.

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