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4 Special Moving Needs to Plan in Advance

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Whether you are moving across town or across the country, it is important to plan everything well in advance so the transition goes smoothly for everyone involved. Although moving household furnishings may seem fairly routine and easy to manage, there are other considerations to keep in mind as you hire a moving company and sign the agreement.

1. Pets

Depending on the distance between your current location and new residence, you will want to factor in the relocation of family pets. Birds, reptiles, and domesticated animals like rabbits or ferrets may require translocation permits or special handling instructions if the movers will be taking them in the van within a special compartment. Find out in advance what the movers can do, and how, and whether that meets your standards for transporting pets to their new home.

2. Heirlooms

Some heirlooms like photographs can be safely packed in special boxes and containers to protect them during the move, whether by family vehicle or a moving van. Other items, like Grandma’s century-old sewing machine, may need to be carefully packed and transported separately if their safety cannot be guaranteed by the Vancouver moving company crew. Don’t leave this decision until the last minute; ask in advance so everything will be ready when the time comes.

3. Food

Non-perishable food items like canned goods or dry goods that are still sealed can usually be safely transported by moving van. However, food should be packed in advance to protect the packaging from being accidentally torn during loading and transit times. Ideally, there should be no rodents or insects in the moving van, but make sure the food is fully sealed and protected from aggressive pests if it will be going in the van.

4. Children’s Furniture

Everyday furnishings can usually be boxed up and transported with the other household items. However, it is up to the family to identify certain equipment and furniture that may be needed soon after arrival. This might include things like a high chair for feeding a baby, a baby swing, a changing table, or a bouncer, all of which are commonly used to care for or soothe infants. These items should be clearly marked and either taken with the family or arranged in the truck for quick unloading. Bottle sterilizers, diapers, and clothing should also be readily accessible.

Many people think of moving day as relocating their home furniture from one place to another. But it actually involves detailed thought and planning. Consider the items that are especially meaningful or needful when planning your move to ensure their safe arrive and prompt availability.

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