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4 Reasons to Call a Locksmith

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While we primarily think of a locksmith as a professional who changes a home’s door locks when we move into a new house or apartment, there are other reasons to consult a security lock expert, as well. Here are additional scenarios to consider when you might want to contact a lock and key professional.

1. Building renovation

If a major part of a home or office building undergoes renovation that involves external construction crew, it might be a good idea to change the locks when the work is completed. Some homeowners or office building managers supply keys to construction crew who are coming and going over a period of time. Although it is unlikely that key duplicates will be made by the builders and used for future robberies, getting the locks changed can provide peace of mind. The lockup services Inc website has more online resources and references available.

2. Security concerns

Losing a house key or an office key, or a handbag with keys in it, may signal a reason to have the locks changed. Even when a police report is made, the thief could use the personal identification information in a handbag to check out the house or office building, and use the key to break in. Similarly, if you are missing a house key for no reason that you know of, it may be wise to get the locks changed in case it has been stolen, unknown to you.

3. Criminal activity

If one of your home’s residents has gone to jail or been involved in any criminal activity, it is probably a good idea to have the locks changed or upgraded with the help of a locksmith to provide added security. You don’t know if the person who has left will lose the key or have it stolen, so it is possibly best to have the locks changed just in case. Similarly, if there has been noticeable criminal activity in the area, schedule a lock expert to check your locks or install window locks along with updated door locks, possibly the electronic kind, to help prevent a break-in.

4. Change of occupants

Whenever one of the residents of a home or an employee in a business relocates elsewhere, it is often common practice to request that the door keys be returned and to have the locks changed as an added precaution. Even if the person left on good terms, you don’t want to be surprised at an inopportune time for him or her to return unexpectedly and perhaps scare you without meaning to.

If it has been a while since your locks were updated, consider calling a locksmith’s company to provide a recommendation and estimate for upgrading your home or business locks. Added security brings peace of mind.

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