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4 Plumbing Services That Keep Your Pipes in Good Repair

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If you need to have a plumber visit your home, chances are that you have not scheduled regular plumbing inspections. Therefore, it is important to keep the services in mind that keep your pipes and plumbing system in top-notch repair.

1. Leak Detection

If you want to make sure that you do not run into a flood or backup, you need to have your home inspected for plumbing leaks. Doing so can help you prevent a major catastrophe. When you take this type of measure, you can fix a small leak for a minimal cost. Make sure that you contact a plumbing contractor that features a high accuracy rate when detecting leaks. Leaks are bad as they can lead to corrosion and the deterioration of your pipes.

Whilst a small leak can seem harmless, it can also lead to an overconsumption of water, which leads to a higher water bill. If you want to make sure that you keep your costs low, you need to have your plumbing system checked for leaks. Leaks can be concealed beneath a slab or in a main line. Therefore, use a plumbing service that offers the latest in leak detection technologies including video inspection.

2. Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is yet another service that you do not want to overlook when you contact a plumbing service. Drains, when clogged, can make it difficult to keep the water flowing freely through your pipes. If a drain becomes too clogged, it can back up nasty sewage into your home and cause a flood. When this occurs, you may also have to pay for water damage to your ceiling and walls. Moreover, mould can grow when the damage is not repaired immediately.

Never use drain cleaners in your pipes, either, as they can further corrode the pipes. Plumbing contractors feature enzyme products that do not hurt pipes and drains but are just as effective. Drain cleaning also involves the use of a jet spray to ensure that a drain is completely free of any buildup such as grease or oil. Hydro-jetting is used or high-pressure water is used to clear any obstructions or stoppages in a drain’s line. The Express Rooter website has more relevant information and resources available on their website.

3. Basic Plumbing Repairs

If you count on the services of a local plumbing contractor, you can get a number of basic repairs made that will ultimately save you money. Never wait for a plumbing repair to get out of hand. Have a plumbing inspection performed annually and have any needed repairs made at that time. Some of the repairs that a plumbing company handles include fixing running toilets or repairing leaky water faucets or pipes.

4. Installing and Servicing Water Heaters

If you water heater is leaking or is not performing as needed, you can have a plumbing services install a new water heater tank. You can have the same service install a tankless water heater to save additional money on the use of heated water in your home. If you water heater is at least ten years old, now is the time to have it checked and evaluated so you can install an upgrade.

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