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8 Different Types of Orgasms and Their Characteristics

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An orgasm feels amazing, and chances are you already know what works when it comes to achieving your own. Certain strokes. Specific ways of touch. You know what will get you there already, but there’s not just one type of orgasm. There are, in fact, several.

An orgasm is a physical reflex in the body. Muscles tighten during sexual arousal and then relax after climax. During the orgasm, oxytocin and other feel-good chemicals are released, emotionally bonding you to your partner. The actual feeling of an orgasm, however, can vary depending on intensity, duration, and origin by location.

Earth-shattering orgasms are possible by stimulating different body parts, but this varies in each person. Everyone’s different. A little experimentation may pave a pathway to unexpected types of orgasms.

Here are the different types of orgasms and their characteristics:

Type #1: Clitoral Orgasms

A clitoral orgasm is originated from the stimulation of the clitoris on the woman’s anatomy. The clitoris has millions of nerve endings similar to the penis. Direct stimulation or touching the labia surrounding the clitoris increases blood flow to the area, engorges it, and leads to orgasmic release.

To produce an orgasm from the clitoris, stroking it back and forth or in wide or small circles is the way. It is believed that as many as 35-40% of women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm during sex.

Type #2: Anal Orgasms

An anal orgasm is achieved by stimulating the erogenous regions around the anus. The anus is connected to the pelvic floor muscles and the front genitals by the perineum. It is a sensitive area with many of the same nerves and muscles as the genitals.

To achieve anal orgasm, the anus can be stimulated by the fingers, adult sex toys, or a penis. As the anus does not have its way of lubricating, it’s important to use lots of lube to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Type #3: G-Spot Orgasms

A G-spot orgasm is also defined as a vaginal orgasm. These occur deep in the body and are typically achieved through pulsations of the vaginal canal. The G-spot is located two inches inside the front of the vaginal wall. When it is stimulated directly, this can result in female ejaculation.

Ejaculate from a G-spot orgasm can either be a thick, white fluid or clear like water. It typically contains many of the same components as semen, creatinine, and urea, the primary components of urine.

Type #4: Blended Orgasms

A blended orgasm is where two separate orgasm types come together, i.e. when the vagina and clitoris are stimulated at the same time. The result, for many people, is a more explosive orgasm.

The more blood flow and stimulation, the bigger the orgasm. Blended orgasms tend to be much more intense but are difficult to achieve in people prone to overstimulation or who have difficulty with too much touching. Blended orgasms often produce full-body trembles and tremors.

Type #5: Erogenous Orgasms

Lesser-known erogenous zones on the body can be kissed, touched, and played with to stimulate an orgasm. Some people describe these erogenous orgasms as more full-body, but these zones are not accessible to all people. Common areas include the ears, nipples, neck, elbows, and knees.

The pleasurable release from an erogenous orgasm is sometimes combined with other forms of touching, stimulation, or another type of orgasm, resulting in a blended orgasm.

Type #6: Nipple Orgasms

The breasts and nipples are major erogenous zones for all genders and deserve their feature. Many women can achieve orgasm purely through the stimulation of the nipples, which are loaded with nerve endings and extremely sensitive.

To achieve a nipple orgasm, you can caress, kiss, or suck them, and the resulting orgasm can be quite powerful. Not everyone can have a nipple orgasm on the nipple alone, so to get all the way there often requires some other form of stimulation.

Type #7: Convulsing Orgasms

A convulsing orgasm is when the pelvic floor muscles convulse repeatedly and quickly. Convulsing orgasms tend to occur after a long buildup. It can happen to both men and women alike. The way to achieve a convulsing orgasm is by edging, i.e. when a person is brought close to orgasm without going over.

Edging is an exercise in anticipation, resulting in an extremely powerful orgasm amongst the longest one can have. Convulsing orgasms often require strong communication between partners and a team effort to get there.

Type #8: Multiple Orgasms

A person with a penis has a downtime between an orgasm and arousal. For a person with a vagina, however, they can achieve multiple orgasms in what can feel like back-to-back because the recovery period is so much smaller.

To experience multiple orgasms, blood flow must be kept high in the vagina. This increases sensitivity. After a first orgasm has been achieved, the next is easier to reach. It is imperative, however, that you avoid going into a pre-arousal state to achieve multiple orgasms.

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