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8 Aims and Objectives of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is all the talk in the current day technological landscape. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people believe it is the one thing that will advance humankind even further than we already have achieved. And others think it will destroy us. One thing is for sure, though, AI is not nearly the technological feat that it will one day be.

So, what are the goals for AI’s future? Below are the eight aims and objectives of artificial intelligence:

Objective #1: Artificial intelligence solves problems

When it comes to artificial intelligence, there is a Frankenstinian urge to create AI programs that look, act, and feel like real humans. However, many computer scientists now understand that the real goal is not to make a human-like robot. Instead, they would rather create a robot that works to make our lives easier, no matter what it looks or sounds like.

Moving forward, it is likely that we will see some serious work being put into the ability for AI to learn and understand, and less on forcing them to act like real humans. That will probably just come with time.

Objective #2: Artificial intelligence completes multiple tasks

Completing multiple tasks is another aims and objectives of artificial intelligence. One of the largest difficulties to overcome has been making it possible for an AI program or a “robot” to do more than one task. It is very easy to program a system to complete a certain task. For instance, it can bring an item from point A to point B.

However, if you want the program to understand that it must pick up the item and then either bring it to point A or throw it in the trash based on arbitrary rules that a human would know (such as: these are underwear, they do not go to the trash. This is an apple core, it does go into the trash), that’s a different story. In simpler terms, it might be a while before your housemaid is a robot.

Objective #3: Artificial intelligence shapes the future of every company

AI is quickly becoming a crucial tool for all companies. They are using this technology to streamline their processes, such as using chatbot software for customer service operations. It’s no secret that the goal is to continue this trend for as many low-level tasks as possible.

It ultimately saves the companies money in the long run, and it allows them to up productivity in other areas.

Objective #4: Artificial intelligence prepares for a boom in big data

Big data has already taken the world by storm. I’d you don’t already know, big data is the large-scale, and sometimes even random, collection of data about people’s lives, habits, conversations and more. AI will be able to do much more for the analysis of this data than humans ever did, so data-driven research, advertisements, and content are going to explode.

Remember, the goal of computers has always been to assist humans. The very first computers were calculators. From there we see word processors and software that made life easier for everyone in a big way. This is the next step.

Objective #5: Artificial intelligence creates synergy between humans and AI

The problem that computer scientists are running up against is the fear and rejection that people have to AI. People do not want to lose their jobs, they do not want to work with something they don’t understand.

One of the key goals in AI is to develop a strong synergy between AI and humans, so that they can work together to enhance the capabilities of both.

Objective #6: Artificial intelligence is good at problem-solving

So far, AI is unable to employ advanced problem-solving abilities. That is, it can tell you a factual answer, but cannot analyze a specific situation and make a decision based on the very specific context of that situation.

You can program a computer to tell you when is a good time to fly based on the price of flights. However, the computer cannot take into account the current political landscape, current events, or other data that might inform you that despite the cost of flights being low, flying is a bad idea.

Currently, the only way to force a computer to make a decision is to employ logic or an “if this, then that” scenario.

Objective #7: Artificial intelligence helps with planning

One of the most human traits in existence is the ability to plan and make goals and subsequently accomplish them. And one of the goals for AI is to have AI be able to do these things.

To do this, we have to figure out how to give a computer the concept of a future that does not exist. It’s complex for a machine that only understands in a true/false binary.

Objective #8: Artificial intelligence performs more complex tasks

The key goal is this: to develop AI programs that can complete more and more complex tasks. Already the abilities are shocking, although not yet widespread.

However, over time these will develop and ultimately, scientists hope, be able to do basically the same things humans can do. That said, we are a long way off from living like the Jetson’s.

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