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How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

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Golf is a sport that requires a lot of patience, practice, and precision. Not only is it a mindful sport, but it is also a very common one used to socialize and play simultaneously. You may naturally lack the skill needed to play a good and professional round when starting. This, however, comes about over time the more you practice your game.

One of the most challenging aspects of golf is hitting the ball straight. Since this is a fundamental skill that all golfers should aim to eventually master, any player should build up this skill. Various newcomers, as well as seasoned golf players, struggle with perfecting this technique.

If you struggle with hitting the golf ball in a perfectly straight line, you now know you are not alone. In this article, we will review some tips and tricks to help you learn how to hit the golf ball straight consistently and improve your game.

1. Perfect your grip

The first and very important step in hitting a golf ball straight is ensuring you have the correct grip on your golf clubs. This is an important aspect of the game as it will help you control the direction in which you hit the ball.

So, what exactly is the proper grip to have? Ensure that the club resides within your fingers, not so much your hand, and your thumb runs straight down the centre of the grip. Your outer hand should then be placed below your lead hand, with your pinky overlapping the middle finger of the lead hand.

Furthermore, you should note not to hold onto the club too tightly, as this can restrict your swing. Instead, try finding a middle ground where you hold the club with a more relaxed yet firm grip. This allows you to release more naturally during the swing, improving your aim!

2. Perfect your stance

Perfecting your stance is the second most important step in hitting a golf ball straight. The stance which you equip sets you up for success when done correctly.

A proper stance includes keeping your feet about shoulder-width apart, with the golf ball positioned right in the centre. Distribute your weight evenly between both your feet by making sure not to lean on either side, and keep your knees slightly bent, but not completely.

Additionally, your shoulders should be kept parallel to the target line, along with a straight spine. Poor posture will throw off your aim, inhibiting you from aiming straight. Lastly, keep your hands positioned when holding the club, so they fall in the same line as your chin.

3. Align the club face

Next up, you should keep an eye on your club face. A club face is the side of the head of your golf club that will hit the ball. Therefore, you should ensure that the face of your club is pointing directly at your target. An incorrectly positioned club face will result in a wonky hit.

Positioning yourself correctly after considering which direction you should hit the ball in. Once you have done this, keep your club face pointed at the ball, ensuring it will travel in your desired direction. The leading edge of the club face should ideally be placed perpendicular to your target.

4. Swing plane

In golf, a swing plane is an angle and direction in which your club moves as it is swung back and then forth to the ball. To hit your golf ball in a straight direction, you must ensure that your swing is on the proper plane.

This can be achieved by maintaining the position of your club and its face as it swings so that it follows a path parallel to the target line. Focus on keeping your arms and hands close to your body during the swing, and avoid lifting the clubhead too high on the backswing. This will help you maintain a proper swing plane and hit the ball straightly.

Golf drivers are the perfect choice to send the ball as far as possible while maintaining a straight direction among the various clubs you can find in your golf bag. Since it is usually the longest club, the swing you can achieve will be powerful and directed!

5. Hold still

Undesired movement in your body is another factor that will impact your aim in golf. Keeping your body as still as possible, except your arms, is imperative to perfect your aim. Movement in your head should occur once you hit the ball and not during.

While this sounds relatively easy, you may not find that it is at the moment. Hence, keep this rule in mind and constantly remind yourself of it so as not to forget it mid-game!

6. Practise, practise, practise!

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect! This is especially true in golf, as it would be in any sport. You must keep practising to learn, retain, and display the rules of a good game of golf. As you do this, keep all the tips mentioned above in mind, and be conscious of implementing them.

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