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5 Keys to Preventing Slips and Falls

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No matter where you journey off to in life, there is bound to be an accident waiting to occur in some capacity. These occurrences could be relatively minor, providing no damage to the individual. Others could be much more serious, where a person may incur more harm than intended.

A great example of that latter sentiment has to do with a nasty slip or fall. These could happen when the individual least expects it to, even with notice provided. To prevent these accidents from happening, there has to be some form of discretion employed.

Above all else, you should always be aware of your surroundings. As our parents used to tell us when we were kids, it is always important to be aware of our surroundings. By doing this everywhere we go, we can ensure that no harm comes to us. The same advice can be applied when traversing problematic surfaces.

As long as you can employ a sense of caution, you will be able to get from point A to B in no time. The benefit of always knowing your surroundings is staying ahead of the curve. Accidents, or even bigger problems, can occur at the spur of the moment. Remain aware, and you will be good to go.

Here are the five keys to preventing slips and falls:

Key #1: Good House Rules


For parents of young kids, it can seem like a never-ending challenge to keep your kids as safe as possible. Once they grow into toddlers, these kids may feel as if the world is their oyster. Of course, this will eventually lead to them falling or slipping. To mitigate this from occurring, be sure to employ some house rules.

Teaching your kids how to walk efficiently in and out of the house reduces their chances of slipping. This can go a long way as they grow older, as you can then ensure that they are careful in their environment. It may not seem like much, but established ground rules in the home go a long way!

Key #2: Wet Surfaces

You have probably seen the typical wet floor sign in any commercial building you visit. These signs have one function: indicating that the surface area is a bit slippery. Instead of trying to navigate through this part of the flooring, it is encouraged to simply stay away. That will make sure that you do not have a nasty fall.

Wet floor signs may stay past their welcome once the floor is dried and no one removes the sign. Instead of throwing caution to the wind, it is better to just find another route to your intended destination. This will allow you to stay the course and prevent unwanted physical damage. If you slip and fall on a wet floor that doesn’t have warning signage, that may signify liability from the building owner. Contact a slip and fall lawyer for further investigation.

Key #3: Pathway Obstacles

Falling or slipping on a floor can happen in several ways, some of which may be relatively uncommon. For example, a stuffed aisle in a grocery store could be paved with many barriers. These could appear easy to get around, but it is anything but that sentiment.

If you try to get through these obstacles quickly, you increase the chances of falling or slipping. If you must go through that particular aisle or path, try your best to clear the way out first. By removing as many obstacles in your way as possible, you could get through the path safely.

Key #4: Lighting

Many of us know the importance of adequate lighting, but some may not know just how vital it is to have. Lighting may be the single most important factor that has to do with tricky pathways. If there is no brightness in your general area, you may open the door to slipping or falling.

So, before you venture off into any particular path, there should be some vivid form of lighting present. Even if it is a minimal source, you should not attempt to cross over. This may lead to some unwarranted falls or slips. Not only that, but you could injure yourself even more due to no lighting presence.

Key #5: Footwear

Crossing over a street, or walking down a path, means that you will wear some shoes or other footwear. It may seem obvious, but make sure that your footwear is comfortable and secure.

Our shoes play a large role in ensuring we do not fall or slip on our path. Double check the laces and make sure that they are tight. By following all of these rules, you will not be harmed!

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