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Top 4 Times You Really Should Call a Plumber

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While you might consider yourself to be a DIY expert, there is a time and a place for your skills to show themselves, and more often than not, your plumbing won’t be at the top of that list. Plumbing issues can quickly turn serious if not handled correctly, and you could be looking at significant home damage if you try and take care of certain situations on your own. Here are four of the top moments when calling a professional plumber will certainly be your best bet.

1. You Find a Puddle

If you wake up one morning and find yourself standing in even the tiniest of puddles in front of your sink, it’s time to call an expert. While you might think that a small drip is nothing to worry about, you need to remember that you’re only seeing the surface of the problem, and that even the smallest leak could leave you with serious mould and decay on the inside of your walls and flooring. While it’s true that this issue can often be fixed with a simple tightening, you can never be sure and it’s always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

2. Terrible Water Pressure

Are you finding yourself standing under what feels like a light spring rain every time you try and take a shower? If you start to notice you’re getting terrible water pressure when it wasn’t an issue before, you should definitely call a plumber. This situation is often caused by a buildup of sediment within the pipes that can easily be taken care of by a professional. To learn more, visit Express Rooter and learn from their online resources.

3. Backed Up Toilet

Have you been working for what seems like hours with a plunger and nothing you do seems to work? A clogged toilet can sometimes be too much of a situation for even the highest quality plungers to handle, making it absolutely essential that you call an expert who will have the right equipment on hand to take care of any messy situation keeping your toilet from flushing properly.

4. Clogged Tub

There are so many different products out there that claim to solve all of your clogging issues, but the truth is, if you find yourself dealing with a tub that just won’t drain, you really need the help of the experts. A serious obstruction that isn’t dealt with quickly and efficiently could lead to a burst pipe and major damage to your home later on down the road. Don’t put yourself and your home at risk. Find a qualified professional to deal with your drainage issues today.

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