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5 Most Popular Viral Video Ideas to Try

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Social media has become a staple worldwide, consuming and enjoying diverse content. The internet provides an endless array, from skits to cute baby videos to vlogs to educational videos. Despite there being oh so many of these floating around the web, some videos stand out more than others, gaining millions or even billions of views. These are known as viral videos and maybe a lot easier to make than you think!

That being said, it’s not all that easy either. Putting a video out there to get those million or billion views may take a lot of work or barely any. But if you specifically seek to curate a viral video, chances are you will have to work to get there. You’ll have to make content that connects with the audience and a wide one.

In addition to thinking of a good plan for your viral video, you should pay special attention to its production. Make your video aesthetically appealing so your viewers will truly enjoy watching it. Furthermore, you should consider using dubbing services for your video. Dubbing is a technique that replaces the original dialogue in a video with new recordings in different languages. This will raise the chances of your video going viral as more language choices will allow a much wider audience to view your content, removing the language barrier for some!

But don’t lose hope! Continue reading for our take on video ideas that you can try to make a viral sensation!

Viral Video Idea #1: Pranks

People love to laugh, so give them something to laugh about! Prank videos are extremely popular as certain audiences thoroughly enjoy watching a well-planned prank. These videos often involve individuals playing practical jokes on others or conducting social experiments to see how people react to different situations. It is important to note that pranks and social experiments should be done in good taste and without harming anyone’s feelings or reputation.

It is also essential to ensure the video does not contain offensive or insensitive content. You can always have fun and show the people a good time without running someone else’s day! Furthermore, since several prank videos have already been created, you should think outside the box and create a fresh prank to surprise your audience to ensure your video goes viral. The “never seen before” content is usually the kind of thing that captures attention quickly.

Viral Video Idea #2: Tutorials

Tutorial videos, such as “how-to tutorials,” are popular videos that teach your viewers how to do something. This could be cooking, applying make-up, working out, painting, fixing a car, etc. These videos often provide step-by-step instructions and can be useful for viewers looking to learn a new skill or solve a problem.

Due to its wide range of topic selections, you can pick anything and create a video on it, so long as your guide is well thought out and will prove useful to your audience. In such a case, it would be ideal to go with a topic you already know so your audience can tell you are highly aware of what you are teaching them. This will amplify their trust in you and heighten the chances of making your video viral!

Viral Video Idea #3: Parodies

Parodies are typically videos that poke fun at movies, shows, or even music videos by recreating them with a twist and a hint of mockery. These videos often use humour to make a commentary on the original content. These videos may also entertain your audience, sparking laughter and joy.

You could watch previously uploaded parodies to gain inspiration and find something fresh and well-known to base your parody video on. It is important to pick a topic that is already popular so your audience will be more aware of what you are making fun of rather than leaving them clueless. The more your audience knows, the funnier they will find it, and the more viral your video will become.

Viral Video Idea #4: Reaction videos

Another video idea that could go viral is a reaction video. This type of video has gained popularity and contains content creators reacting to a video of any sort. You could react to a TV show, movie, music video, song, another viral video, etc. Reaction videos are so popular because they allow viewers to experience something vicariously through the reactions of the person on screen.

For example, a reaction video of someone watching a scary movie can be entertaining because viewers can see the person’s genuine fear and excitement, which can be relatable and engaging!

Viral Video Idea #5: Travel videos

Another audience-puller is travel videos. Like reaction videos, your viewers live vicariously through your travelling experience. Travel videos involve documenting a trip to a new place or sharing tips and advice for travellers. These videos can be visually stunning and inspire viewers to plan their travels.

If you have the funding, booking high-end rooms and transport can be visually appealing. On the other hand, planning a more down-to-earth trip and allowing your viewers to make notes on how to travel on a budget can also help you gain views. This is good as it does not limit your travel and video options!

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