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4 Tips to Know About Employment Law

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Heading out to work at any job can become a time when stress is at a maximum, and it may be caused by conditions at work. There are laws governing how employees must be treated. Many people have a vague understanding of these laws meant to protect them, and they could find the issues they face at work are covered. Knowing some of the basics covered by the law is the first step in understanding which issues have a legal solution and which ones do not.

1. Forced to Work Overtime

Many employers schedule their workforce with an eye to covering the times of heavy traffic. That is when the majority of their employees will be on site, and it can become a hardship if one or more of them do not show up for work. The boss may ask for people to volunteer to stay late, but it does have to be voluntary according to the law. If a person is forced to work overtime by means of threats of losing their job, they should consult an employment lawyer. Overtime is not mandatory.

2. Recognizing Discrimination

Many places where there are more than a few employees always seem to have someone able to get out of much of their own work. The supervisor will generally pick on a few reliable people to get it done. This might seem like discrimination, but it is more about favoritism. The person getting out of the work could simply be spending their time flattering the boss as a way to get paid for doing nothing more. If the situation is one where an employee is constantly asked to do more than their share based on something other than their ability, then discrimination might be an issue. Speaking with a close friend or relative about the situation could clarify whether or not discrimination is really the issue.

3. Passed Over for Promotion

Learning the job when a person is first hired is often done by other employees, and it can be a position that sets them up for getting ahead with a company. People able to train others are often quite experienced at what they do, and they have the ability to pass on their skills. If that person continually applies for promotion and is denied, it may be time to speak with an employment lawyer. Their supervisor could be keeping them in place due to their abilities, but they could also be keeping them in place due to their race, creed, religion, or other factors covered in employment laws as discriminatory practices.

4. Higher Expectations

Supervisors are provided by companies to see that the work gets done, but they are also responsible in many cases for helping employees meet the expectations of the company for their job level and advancement. Some supervisors do this well, but others may fail miserably at it. When a supervisor has higher expectations for some workers than others, it may be time to think about employment laws and how they govern the work place.

It is not always easy to find the perfect job where everyone gets along and discrimination or threats are not a factor. Employment law does help alleviate some of the issues that arise between employees and their supervisors, yet it can only help if a person is aware of the laws and how they are applied.

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