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Top 5 Locksmith Myths Debunked

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The safety of your home is a primary concern for renters and homeowners. Locksmiths can set fire alarms and install secure locks to safeguard your property. Unfortunately, several myths about locksmiths alter the perception of people about their services. Don’t let the misconceptions deter you from hiring a locksmith to assist with your locks and security issues.

1. They retain a replica of the key

The most common myth about locksmith services is that the professionals keep a copy of your key. However, it doesn’t mean that the professionals are offenders because they offer you two keys to your lock. The idea is that you enjoy flexibility by having an extra key. In reality, the professional can only make two keys for a single lock; it is impossible to make more duplicates.

2. The professionals are just for emergencies and key cutting

It should be one of the most believed myths about locksmith services. The truth is that a locksmith service goes beyond assisting you when you get locked out and key cutting. The professionals offer an array of services at home and in commercial properties. They install new locks or replace the old ones as you renovate your home or upgrade your security details. The experts also add locks to windows and doors and secure garages and external gates. They can help in any emergencies involving locks such as unlocking a frozen car door. Their services also include offering consultancy services by accessing your current security and providing recommendations to keep your business or home safer than before.

3. Restricted to residential calls

Locksmiths go beyond house calls. Business and commercial properties also benefit from the services offered by the professionals. Things have changed, which impacts a change in lifestyle. It is also paramount to secure your commercial property and enhance its accessibility. Therefore, it is a myth that the experts only secure and improve accessibility in homes whereas they can secure anything under the sun.

4. They don’t work round the clock

It is one of the common myths about the professionals. Unfortunately, many people suffer from security or access concerns at night or over the weekends and public holidays due to lack of knowledge. In reality, most locksmiths offer their services 24/7. Consequently, you should not have to wait until the following morning or after a holiday to gain access to your premises or home. The service is just a call away, and all your lock issues will be addressed.

5. All locksmiths offer a similar level of services

In reality, the kind or level of service you get from the professionals vary. Some experts only focus on helping you gain access to your commercial property or home, but they are never concerned about retaining your lock intact. Other experts work on replacing your locks. Therefore, make sure you hire a professional who offers the kind and level of service that you need.

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