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Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Trash Compactor

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Garbage disposals get all the glory. Almost every new home has one and for good reason. Who wants to lug carrot peels, leftover spaghetti, or uneaten vegetables outside to a compost bin after every meal? Just turn on the sink faucet, scrape the leftover contents off of your plate, flick a switch and voila, garbage is gone. But garbage disposals can only handle food waste. What about all the other trash that accumulates in your house? Used paper towels, empty plastic bottles, empty soda cans. Where do they go? A trash can? Ha! There’s nothing special about a trash can. But you know what is special? A trash compactor, and here are the top 4 reasons why.

1. They are extremely convenient

How often do you take out the trash? Every 2 days? Every 5 days? Well, whatever that number is multiply it by 6 and that’s how often you’ll have to take out the trash after it’s been compressed, so if you take out the trash every 2 days you can now do it every 12 days. Pretty nice, right?

2. They don’t smell

Have you ever suddenly been overwhelmed by a rancid odor as you walked into your house, only to find the offending smell was coming from your trash can? Trash compactor come with a charcoal filter and a tightly sealed lid. No more odors.

3. They are safe

Remember the glorious garbage disposal? Think about what could go wrong with one. Okay, don’t think about it. It’s scary. So what about a machine that uses over a ton of force to crush common disposable items? What happens if a hand gets too close when the machine is in operation? Nothing. Modern models will only operate if the unit’s door is closed and a locking key is turned. Once you hit “start” the door won’t open. If the door is slightly ajar or the key isn’t turned the unit won’t run. That’s safe.

4. They will help us save the world

Landfills are getting overfilled worldwide. The main reason is most people leave a huge garbage footprint. They just toss stuff into a plastic bag until it gets full. There’s a lot of wasted space in that bag. Now remember, 1 compressed bag of trash is equal to 6 bags of regular trash. Every year you can reduce your garbage footprint by quite a bit. Don’t you want to have that satisfied feeling of knowing you are helping to save the world?

So what are you waiting for? Pick a spot in your kitchen and get a trash compactor. Because they truly are special.

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