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18 April 2014

[FIRST] Back to the Roots

Photos courtesy of Fotoatelier Kunterbunt

Henry Schulenburg channels the 60s summer in this hippie-esque shoot featuring Katrin Reinecke, Elisa Monse, Tara Luise Fischer, Lorena Arendt, Sarah Muise, Anja Rühl and Lotte Rühl in pieces by Minx by Eva Lutz and Graue Maus.

Title: Back to the Roots
Models: Katrin Reinecke, Elisa Monse, Tara Luise Fischer, Lorena Arendt, Sarah Muise, Anja Rühl and Lotte Rühl
Photographer: Henry Schulenburg
Hair & Makeup: Anja Rühl

09 April 2014

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2014 Lookbook

Photos courtesy of H&M

With input from the sustainable fashion and design think tank EVER Manifesto, the Conscious Exclusive Collection is made with more sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and Tencel®, which is a biodegradable fabric derived from wood pulp. New materials such as organic leather and silk have also been added to this collection. Drawing influences from the flamenco, the Conscious Exclusive exudes a luxurious bohemian feel a generous amount of embellishments. The overall colour palette of this collection is one of romantic whites, cloudy blues and a mix of metallic and rich prints. Accessories are a prominent part of the Conscious Exclusive collection, created from recycled beads and plastics.

Both Conscious Exclusive and Conscious Collections will be available in stores on April 10
(Conscious Collections available at Lot 10 and Avenue K. Conscious Exclusive available at Lot 10 only)

H&M will further expand with new stores at 1Mont Kiara Mall and Hatten Square, Malacca.

Read on for more images from the Conscious Exclusive collection.

08 April 2014

Levi's Keep Cool

This spring, Levi’s is launching COOLMAX, an innovative denim collection specifically constructed to combat sweltering hot weather. With COOLMAX, everyone, everywhere has the opportunity to wear denim and non-denim styles year-round, regardless of the temperature.

Engineered for comfort and woven with COOLMAX® fibers that create a cooling effect, these looks help adjust the body’s temperature to maintain temperature balance and comfort amidst the summer heat. COOLMAX® enables proper body ventilation and ensures motion at the same time. Therefore it’s perfect for seasonal weather changes.

More info can be found here.

26 March 2014

[FIRST] Alien

Photos courtesy of Jose Espaillat

Karla Del Orbe goes extraterrestrial with headpieces by Miodrag Guberinic, photographed by Jose Espaillat.
'Alien' evokes a dark world with a vulnerable but strong and seductive female character.

Title: Alien
Model: Karla Del Orbe
Photographer: Jose Espaillat
Makeup: Chelsea Paige

24 March 2014

[FIRST] Desert Wind

Photos courtesy of Alex Callueng

Doris Kemptner exudes grace in the harsh desert, photographed Alex Callueng and dressed in Angel Villar's pieces.

Title: Desert Wind
Model: Doris Kemptner (Wilhelmina Dubai)
Photographer: Alex Callueng
Assistant: Danilo Quiambao
Makeup: Ania Poniatowksa

21 March 2014

[FIRST] Les Copines

Photos courtesy of Thierry Nguyen Cuu

Thierry Nguyen Cuu photographs Emily Dibden and Tomasina Purcell unwinding after a long day in the office in 'Les Copines', with party-ready hair and makeup by Maryana Malak and Catherine Malak.

Title: Les Copines
Models: Emily Dibden, Tomasina Purcell
Photographer: Thierry Nguyen Cuu
Hair: Maryana Malak
Makeup: Catherine Malak

19 March 2014

[FIRST] Blue Isis

Photos courtesy of Roberutsu

This series is inspired by non-cubist artwork from the art deco period, particularly ones published by fashion magazines when cover art were designed by illustrators. Roberutsu photographs Christie Romanowski wearing pieces by Grandi's Atelier in this enthralling shoot with a sleek hair by Farnoosh Haidari, bold makeup by Melissa James.

Title: Blue Isis
Model: Christie Romanowski (Femme Fatale)
Photographer: Roberutsu
Hair: Farnoosh Haidari
Makeup: Melissa James

17 March 2014

[FIRST] Fairy of Flowers

Photos courtesy of Henry Schulenburg

Henry Schulenburg captures the wonders of Spring in this floral shoot with Tara Luise Fischer.

Title: Fairy of Flowers
Model: Tara Luise Fischer
Photographer: Henry Schulenburg

14 March 2014

[FIRST] Sartorial Elegance

Photos courtesy of Rabia Maddah

Iris Huber photographs Rabia Maddah in this sleek monochromatic looks wearing pieces by Aviatrix Prêt-à-Porter de Luxe.

Title: Sartorial Elegance
Model: Rabia Maddah (Donna Models Hamburg)
Photographer: Iris Huber
Hair & Makeup: Lisa Évoluer

07 March 2014

Jolie Su Spring 2014

Photo: Jolie Su

Jolie Su's Spring 2014 'Gypsy Puzzle' collection is inspired by gypsy architecture, culture and lifestyle, which take shape in form of puzzles. The construction of each piece is multifunctional: one piece can be deconstructed into separate pieces which can be easily mixed and matched to create something new.

Label: Jolie Su Spring 2014
Model: Ania B (Uncover Models)
Photographer: Malgorzata Cien
Hair & Makeup: Marzena Stepien-Furmanek

04 March 2014

Monki in Malaysia

Photos courtesy of Monki

Monki, the inspiring, Scandinavian women’s fashion retail concept is delighted to announce that it will open the doors of its first Malaysian store this spring in Kuala Lumpur’s Nu Sentral shopping mall.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Monki,and a fantastic way for us to continue to grow within the Asian market,” says Chief Operating Officer Lea Rytz Goldman. “We truly look forward to sharing our fashion and imaginative store concept with our new Malaysian customers.”

“Our Spring/Summer collection is filled with Monki’s usual mix of street wear inspired pieces in the season’s hottest trends,” says Head of Design, Caroline Carlryd. “We’re exceptionally proud of our prints this season, and cannot wait to share them with even more Monki girls!”

With more than 80 shops in nine European countries, Japan, China and an online store that delivers to 18 European countries, Monki has grown steadily since it was founded in 2006. Monki is owned by H&M.

03 March 2014

[FIRST] Dining by Design

Photos courtesy of Becky Yee

Becky Yee photographs the lackadaisical lifestyles of the rich and famous this this hilarious shoot in Fendi's and Rachel Laxer's 'Alice in Wonderland'-inspired luxury dining rooms with models Cassie Lara abd Avna Visser, styled by Chester Algernal while Chester Algernal and Emi Koizumi provided the flawless hair and makeup.

Title: Dining by Design
Models: Cassie Lara, Avna Visser
Photographer: Becky Yee
Stylist: Chester Algernal
Hair: Donald Francis
Makeup: Emi Koizumi

28 February 2014

[FISRT] Run Right Back

Photos courtesy of Courtney Rodwell

Title: Run Right Back
Model: Sofia Resing (Ford Miami)
Photographer: Courtney Rodwell
Stylist: Joy Moore
Hair & Makeup: Steve Hoeppner

26 February 2014

[FIRST] Salt

Photos courtesy of Claryssa Humennyj-Jameson

Erin Tunney sizzles in this monochromatic shoot by Claryssa Humennyj-Jameson, with sun-kissed hair and makeup by Sara Centofanti-Morrison, styled by Christabell McDonald in pieces by Anna Lukin.

Title: Salt
Model: Erin Tunney
Photographer: Claryssa Humennyj-Jameson (ISKA Photography)
Assistant: Aaron Widyanto
Stylist: Christabell McDonald
Assistant: Steph Bolgie
Hair & Makeup: Sara Centofanti-Morrison

24 February 2014

[FIRST] Neptunian

Photos courtesy of Elvira Kalviste

Asya Ulanova channels her inner sea nymph for this oceanic shoot with Elvira Kalviste.

Title: Neptunian
Model, Hair & Makeup: Asya Ulanova
Photographer: Elvira Kalviste
Assistant: Jessica Aleksandrowicz

21 February 2014

[FIRST] Varsity Grunge

Photos courtesy of Alasia Shalai

Julia Cumming poses for Grant Mills in this street-style, grunge shoot styled by Alasia Shalai.

Title: Varsity Grunge
Model: Julia Cumming
Photographer: Grant Mills
Stylist: Alasia Shalai

19 February 2014


Photos courtesy of Marie-Michele Hayeur

Eva is lensed by Marie-Michèle Hayeur in this simplistic shoot, dressed in luxe knits and pieces by Linea Maglia, Dolce & Gabbana, Les petits choses, Stella McCartney, and styled by Marie-Claude Langlois with boho chic hair and makeup by Susan Morales using Make Up For Ever.

Title: Eva
Model: Eva (Folio Montreal)
Photographer: Marie-Michèle Hayeur
Stylist: Marie-Claude Langlois
Hair & Makeup: Susan Morales (Gloss Artistes)

17 February 2014

[FIRST] Femme Fatale

Photos courtesy of Renee Ligtvoet

In this grunge '80s style in combination with a classy chic edge

Title: Femme Fatale
Photographer: Renee Ligtvoet
Hair: Delilah Samson
Makeup: Maria Afanasyeva

14 February 2014

[FIRST] Tinsel Tokyo

Photos courtesy of Brandon Luong

Title: Tinsel Tokyo
Model: Alexis Harmon
Photographer: Brandon Luong
Assistant: Sylvia Gunde
Stylist: Lillian Fu
Hair & Makeup: Juli Tang

12 February 2014

[FIRST] Reveal the Silence

Photos courtesy of Nikolay Legenda

Nikolay Legenda photographs Odette, who is decked in clothing by Maria Sedykh, in this enigmatic shoot with hair and makeup by Mary Forst and Ryabova Ekaterina respectively.

Title: Reveal the Silence
Model: Odette
Photographer: Nikolay Legenda
Hair: Mary Forst
Makeup: Ryabova Ekaterina

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