Established February 2010 in Malaysia.

Elements Magazine is different as we curate inspirational and thought-provoking pieces of fashion, photography, art and design from all over the world. We provide a platform for models, photographers, stylists, designers, illustrators, and artists to showcase their work.

Spearheaded by a team of three based in Malaysia, we are a 100% independent and non-commercial online magazine.


"It’s way past recommendation time but because I got the chance to drop by this blog magazine called ELEMENTS, I knew I should not give a damn anymore about whether it’s Tumblr Tuesday or what have you because this site is such a drug and an inspiration. Hence, SIN-spiration. Love it. They have that eye other blog mags don’t have yet (you wouldn’t understand how much I ramble through various fashion/design blog sites everyday). The cherry on top? The authors are Asians. Huzzah." - Fiamette

"...I'd like to recommend you check out this blog/online magazine: ELEMENTS MAGAZINE - I could gush about them in this entry for ages and still not do them justice. As described by themselves 'Elements Magazine is different as we aim to publish thought-provoking news and stories, focusing on movies, music and fashion. We may or may not post the latest news, only those that we believe in. Spearheaded by a team of three based in Malaysia, Elements will be a force to be reckoned with.' - I love them for not following what is seen as strictly fashionable. It's very refreshing."
- Poppy Coburn

"...Elements Magazine (is) an interesting site with posts on music, art and fashion and with a keen eye for the unusual."
- Nicky's Rag Tales

"THIS is a new fashion blog that I absolutely adore. It's called ELEMENTS magazine. So go take 5 minutes out of your busy, busy day and check it out!"
- Roses Are Red


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"Make a better future by developing elements from the past"
-Karl Lagerfeld (borrowed from Goethe)


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