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How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

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A kitchen is an excellent home remodelling investment, upgrading dated appliances and aesthetics into something new and trendy. You can easily spend thousands of dollars updating an existing kitchen. What you get in return is a finished product perfect for what you need this room to be.

A kitchen remodel starts with a solidified layout. If you’re doing something drastic, like knocking out a wall, you want a well-thought-out layout that can be used to budget and procure materials. A part of this is understanding how much countertop space you will need and what storage will be required. A kitchen island or pantry may or may not be something you’re interested in. Sketch out an overhead look at your kitchen with where you want everything to go.

Do you need more ideas for your upcoming kitchen remodel? Here are some tips for how to plan a kitchen remodel:

Kitchen Remodel Timeline

In the early planning stages, you want to develop a budget, and the timeline will be equal in importance. A kitchen remodelling project is a major renovation, so you need to plan accordingly.

Assuming you’ve hired a contractor to do the job, they should be able to provide an accurate and reasonable kitchen remodel timeline. You will want to have a temporary kitchen set up somewhere to ensure you’re still able to eat and prepare food in the interim.

Kitchen Demolition

You can’t get started putting in the new in your kitchen until you take out the old. Whether gutting the kitchen or removing individual elements, don’t just toss it all. Many kitchen materials and appliances can be donated, recycled, or reused.

Ensure that you’re minimizing renovation waste. Look at all possible options on where to take the parts of your kitchen you’re pulling out with your demolition.

Kitchen Plumbing

A kitchen remodel may involve redoing the plumbing. If you change the layout or add new sinks, refrigerators, or a dishwasher, this will be the case. Rerouting your kitchen’s plumbing should be done by a professional.

If your home is on a slab foundation, it can be difficult and expensive to move kitchen plumbing. Request a consultation with a plumber before settling on a kitchen remodel layout.

Kitchen Flooring

A new kitchen floor should be resistant to water damage, stains, easy to clean and be durable enough to survive long-term in a room that’s used multiple times every day. You can use many different kitchen floor materials, each with its benefits.

Tile flooring is the common choice for wet areas as it will last decades and is a relatively affordable material.

Kitchen Countertops

A key feature in a kitchen is the countertop. A kitchen countertop can be fully replaced or simply redone. Various materials – a la granite, laminate, quartz, or concrete – can prove useful as a countertop choice. Choosing the right kitchen countertop should be about what’s intended for flooring and/or your backsplash to ensure they do not clash aesthetically while also providing the function you desire.

Kitchen Cabinets

High-quality kitchen cabinets are a must when remodelling a kitchen. You can choose brand new cabinets or refinish existing ones. This largely depends on your vision for your dream kitchen and/or budget. As daunting as it can seem to tackle the right kitchen cabinets for your renovation, this will narrow down the possibilities once you settle on an aesthetic for the remodel.

Electrical Wiring

Wiring in remodelled kitchens is important. There are building codes to follow and a lot of appliances that necessitate power, from the dishwasher to the stove, oven, fridge, freezer, and any small appliances you have. Has the electrical wiring been examined to determine if upgrades should be taken when you do a kitchen remodel?

Kitchen Appliances

A kitchen is home to many large appliances. They must be properly hooked up with electricity and installed safely into various areas. A refrigerator-and-freezer combo and an oven-and-stovetop are two fairly common large appliances.

A dishwasher is also very handy to include in a kitchen remodel. You may also want to pay attention to where small appliances – a la a microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, etc. – would go and how that will look.

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is some of the finishing touches you’ll put on your kitchen remodel. The affordability of kitchen hardware will vary depending on the material and design. However, it’s nothing compared to other aspects of a remodel.

Some of the more popular choices for cabinet hardware include bronze, antimicrobial, stainless steel, durable, pewter, and nickel.

Kitchen Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash is all about what resonates with you. Popular kitchen backsplash options are natural stone, bright blues, marble tile, mirror tile, mosaics, and gemstones. This aspect of your kitchen can be done fairly easily and drastically alter the room’s look.

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