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How to Fix a Noisy Toilet Quickly

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The many appliances we have inside our home are set to perform with one function in mind. Or, they may have multiple uses regardless of how they are built. When it comes down to it, all of these appliances and utilities must be taken care of daily. The downside of leaving them as is having to do with them not functioning as normal.

Take, for example, the toilet inside of your home. Despite being built to last the test of time, a toilet may become riddled with issues. One of the most annoying issues has to do with it making strange noises. The audible sounds could be a pest, but they can be fixed with a few adjustments.

Let’s learn how to fix a noisy toilet.

Step #1: Shutoff Valve

Many appliances in your home are connected to a power source of some kind. When it comes to the water-based ones, a shutoff valve will usually be the primary source. If you are trying to fix any type of appliance connected to the valve, it will have to be shut off. Most of the time, this will be located inside the basement.

Head down to this space if you live in a home, and look for the shutoff valve. Usually, it will be of a certain colour, making it easy to spot. Ensure you switch it off as well; you do not want it to remain on. Leaving it switched on, even a little bit, will get in the way of you fixing the toilet.

Step #2: Initial Work

Now that you have taken care of the power source, you will have to make your way back up to the toilet. First, gather some supplies and equipment, some of which may not be needed. However, gloves and a few spare rags will generally be required. Then, once everything has been settled, remove the lid from the toilet’s tank.

Your next step involves flushing down the toilet to get as much water out of the tank as possible. Since most of the work requires an empty tank, this step is especially crucial to complete. Should there be any remaining water inside, use a sponge or scrubbing device to clean it up.

Step #3: Disassembly

It is here where the real work can begin. Using a pair of screwdrivers, remove any screws holding the tank. Then, once it has been fully unscrewed, take the tank off the toilet. Then, you will have to inspect the toilet’s components after it has been disassembled. For example, inspect the status of the flush valve.

In some cases, the flush valve may have loosened, which results in loud, audible noises when the toilet is activated. Tighten the flush valve, or replace it with a brand new one if necessary. You may have to install some new brass bolts in and around the tank once this component has been fixed too.

If you don’t feel comfortable disassembling a toilet, contact a plumber Hamilton for help.

Step #4: Further Adjustments

A couple of other aspects need to be analyzed to fix the noise issue. For starters, you should look at the flapper chain inside the tank before disassembly. Sometimes, the flapper chain may have just loosened, which puts the toilet in a precarious situation.

Simply move the chain back to its original position, and you will be good to go. Or, if this is not the issue, reassemble the toilet’s tank. Then, you will have to reconnect the water supply line to ensure it can work again. Once these issues are taken care of, the noise should disappear soon.

Step #5: The Float


The final component of a toilet that may have become faulty is the float. Before disassembling the tank from the toilet, look at this part of the appliance. Usually, there is a pole to which the float is attached. Generally speaking, if it looks out of place, it usually is. Make a manual adjustment, and you should have fixed the noise issue in question.

Step #6: Professional Assistance

Fixing a noisy toilet does not have to be relatively challenging. Most of the time, the minor issues cause major problems. These can be fixed relatively easy; all it takes are little adjustments here and there. Should this not occur, you may have to get a professional to come in.

Plumbers are the best professionals to call in since they will be able to easily locate the source of the issue. It may cost a bit more on your end, but the result will be a toilet that is brand new. Now you no longer have to worry about those pesky noises ever again!

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