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How to Create an Artistic Custom Kitchen

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Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen but do not know where to start? How about an artistic kitchen? Artistic is defined as aesthetically pleasing with the characteristics of artistry. That’s a pretty wide range but for your kitchen, think of eye-catching decor and a unique design that is above the ordinary.

Being artistic is different for everyone, so there are no wrong answers. Work with custom home builders to bring your artistic kitchen to life. Follow these tips if you want to create an artistic custom kitchen in your home:

1. Custom Kitchen Colour

Nothing stands out more than colour. If you want to jazz up your kitchen with an artistic nod, try adding your favourite colours on the wall. There isn’t a lot of wall space usually, so this is where you can be a little bolder. Pick a contrasting colour for the cabinet doors and even do some hand painting of flowers or designs.

Countertops and backsplashes are other places to bring in a different hue. If you want to stick to a white backsplash, put a tile here and there with a colourful pattern of fruit. It will attract the eye and show off your flair.

2. Custom Kitchen Shelving

There is never enough storage space, especially in the kitchen. Why not put up some shelves to make use of?

Floating shelves defy gravity and are a place to house special knick-knacks. You can remove some of your kitchen cupboard doors and embrace an open concept where dishes and glassware are more easily accessed and seen.

If you have special dinnerware or kiln-fired mugs, they can live on your shelving and add to the decor. It’s all about showcasing your artistic style.

3. Custom Kitchen Furniture

A kitchen doesn’t typically have a lot of furniture, but you may have a nook for a breakfast table and chairs or stools at an island bar. Even things like a standing pantry or a tea bar are pieces you may add to the kitchen. This furniture is ideal for creating an artistic kitchen.

You can have rustic wooden chairs that match or clash with the table because it makes a statement either way. Mix up the material from wood to metal, so there is an eclectic vibe to the space. Use shades of colour on these pieces, like washed pastels, so they bring calmness to the busiest room in the house.

4. Custom Kitchen Art

Art means different things to different people, but your taste is the only one that matters. You can fill the wall space with prints and paintings from artists you admire. Clay work is unique and adds a homemade feel to your kitchen with your creations or ones you’ve found along the way.

Add smaller pieces onto the shelving you’ve installed and give the room some life. Any art pieces you have can be brought in to add to your custom kitchen design.

5. Replace Cabinet Hardware and Faucet

You may not be ripping out your entire kitchen, but you can make a dramatic change with a few key alterations. Look for a new kitchen faucet to make a bold statement. There are bridge faucets that stand above the sink and show the piping, giving you more counter space around the sink. A modern, minimalistic faucet will look sleek and stand out simultaneously.

It is amazing what changing out the cabinet handles can do for a kitchen. You may want to go over-sized, so they get noticed or even opt for porcelain or glass knobs that fit your personality. Leather pulls look stylish and warm, and it is something you don’t see very often, but that’s the point.

6. Artistic Kitchen Lighting

Your kitchen will probably have the standard overhead lighting and maybe a small track of direction lamps. Ok, for some, but not for you. Take it up a notch with some stylish designs.

Geometric light fixtures look amazing and can hang over the island or right in the middle of the room. Metal and glass pendants are nice too and make the room look sleeker. For something different, why not have large domes or some steampunk fixtures? They will illuminate the room with style.

7. Cover Your Appliances

If you want to carry the artsy theme throughout the kitchen, you can cover up your appliance so they disappear into the woodwork. Your dishwasher and fridge are usually the big stainless elephants in the room, but you can change that.

Put on faux woodwork that matches the cabinets. People will wonder if you have a fridge in your kitchen with this clever camouflage. Or you can turn it on its head and make them bold, so they stand out. Make their surface a canvas to paint on with funny foods or abstract art. You can use removable paint, so your artwork changes every month.

If you are an artist, your work doesn’t have to stick to traditional mediums. Creating a custom kitchen is the perfect time to add your creative touches and tailor it to your artistic talents and passion. Follow these tips and see where they take you. I bet it will transform your kitchen into an expressive oasis of colour and design that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

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