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Four Top Domestic Wood Species to Consider for Hardwood Flooring

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When you make the decision to install wood flooring in your home, you may have high expectations about what the finished result will look like. There are numerous species of wood that are commonly used in floors, including domestic and exotic species. Depending on the species selected, the knots, grain, color variations and more vary substantially. If you have decided to choose domestic wood rather than exotic wood, these are some of the top species to consider.

1. Red Oak

Red oak is one of the leading types of domestic wood species because of its beautiful appearance and its overall hardness. It has moderate to heavy graining, and the striations generally have an almost reddish hue. This is where the species’ name comes from. Red oak can have a smooth, sophisticated finish with a lovely sheen, or it can be hand-scraped to create an attractive result. Visit Fuse Flooring and learn more information from the available resources.

2. White Oak

White oak is slightly harder than red oak, which may make it more well-suited in high traffic homes. Compared to red oak, it has slightly less striations with straighter lines. However, there may be a few loose knots. While red oak has reddish striations, white oak has a more neutral coloring. Beige and tan coloring may be combined with slightly grayish undertones to create a warm, golden look.

3. Maple

While some people perceive maple as being a soft type of domestic wood, it actually is substantially harder than red and white oak wood. It has very light, elongated striations. Some of these striations may barely be visible depending on the stain color. A notable feature about maple wood is that the wood slats may vary in color from slat to slat depending on the hue of the stain.

4. American Cherry

American cherry wood is one of the softer types of domestic wood that may be used with wood flooring, but it has undeniable appeal that makes it a favorite option for some homeowners. The graining is graceful and loose, but it is still distinctive. It can be stained many shades, and the wood has a tendency to take on a golden tint regardless of the stain color that is used. Be aware that the color of the wood will naturally darken with age regardless of the stain color that you select.

These are only some of the many types of domestic wood species that you can choose from, and there are also many exotic wood species to consider. Each has unique benefits and a look of its own. Remember stain color and finish can also affect the look of the wood. Consider obtaining a few wood flooring samples to bring into your home before you finalize your home flooring plans.

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