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Four Signs That You Need Pest Control Now

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There are more than a few things that home and business owners hope to never see. Right up at the top of the list is an infestation of any kind. While that is the most obvious sign there is that pest control is needed, there are a few more subtle signs.

If you think that you may have a pest problem in your home, make sure to call a professional today. There are a few signs in particular that should have you picking up the phone sooner rather than later.

1. Nesting

When a pest of any kind takes up residence in your home or business, it is because they are looking for a safe place to live and breed. When they manage to find something that they feel comfortable with, they will try to stay as long as possible.

There are more than a few nesting pests: rodents the primary among them. They pick a dark corner and start grabbing scraps from around the house to create their home. Leaves, grass, fabrics, and papers are among the most common materials.

2. Droppings

Perhaps the most obvious sign that there are unwanted critters in your home or business is droppings. These unwanted houseguests aren’t the neatest or most polite, leaving their droppings just about anywhere they happen to go.

If you see droppings, call in a professional pest control service such as Quality Affordable Pest Control immediately. It is the surest sign of infestation and there can be serious repercussions for having a lot of droppings in your home. The only good thing about the droppings is that they can tell the control service what type of pest is causing so many problems.

3. Damaged Fabric

If you don’t have pets, then it can be especially troubling to find that your clothing or furniture is looking gnawed and worn. Rugs, mattresses, curtains, and any other fabric can come under assault from unwanted critters looking to build their nests.

Those scratches and holes aren’t the only signs, either. Look for smears or dark stains as well. Those may indicate that there is some sort of bed bug infestation as opposed to the rodents that we are more familiar with. When suspicious of a potential pest infestation, check closets and drawers (and other hidden areas) for signs of intrusion.

4. Sounds and Smells

There is a pretty decent chance that if you have an infestation, you are going to hear or smell it. Rodents in particular have a certain funk to them that is hard to ignore, making it more apparent that there is a problem.

Other critters can make noises that aren’t typical to your home or business. If you hear something that sounds off, take a moment to concentrate and listen. If it persists, call in a professional to come take a look. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pest infestations. They can do serious damage if left unaccounted for.

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