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9 Best Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance Tips

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Polished concrete floor is one of the most popular types of flooring that have won a spot in the hearts of many residential and commercial structures. However, there is a typical myth and misconception amongst people that the floor doesn’t require maintenance, which is a lie.

Polished concrete floors are one of the most low-maintenance flooring solutions you’ll come across. However, that should not let you forget the surfaces when you have a load of maintenance tips to keep them all good-looking and shiny. Above all, purchase the cleaning agents from a reputable dealer, and you can always seek the services of a cleaning professional.

Like any other flooring, polished concrete floors require constant maintenance, although substantially less than tiles, carpets, or vinyl. Below are comprehensive maintenance tips for polished concrete floors to kill the ‘no-maintenance’ notion in new homeowners.

Tips #1: Sweep and Scrub Occasionally

Polished concrete flooring is easy to maintain, thanks to its durability. Simply sweeping and scrubbing the floor daily or at least five times a week, depending on how much dirt the surface holds, is enough for maintenance.

Low-traffic areas such as the bedroom can do with a typical sweep, with high-traffic ones such as the garage and living room requiring more attention, incorporating both sweeping and thorough scrubbing.

Tips #2: Apply pH-Neutral Cleaners

The choice of cleaning solutions you embrace for your beloved polished concrete floors substantially impacts their durability and physical appearance. When cleaning such floors, it’s advisable to use pH-neutral cleaning agents since alkaline or acidic ones can destroy the surface and minimize its shininess in no time.

Instead, use mild cleaners that are particularly made for polished concrete floors. You can consult your supplier or interior designer on which cleaning agents best suit such floors. A mixture of warm water and several drops of typical dish soap (mild) can also serve the purpose relatively well.

Tips #3: Wipe Chemical Spills Immediately

Spills from harsh chemicals such as vinegar, ammonia, and bleach are prominent enemies to polished concrete floors. You should strictly avoid using such chemicals on the floor. You should clean them immediately whenever they spill accidentally before damaging the surfaces.

Even better, you should store the chemicals away from reach by children and pets to avoid chances of accidental spills. While some might lure you into using vinegar in small quantities when cleaning polished concrete floors, the move remains unadvisable and can damage the surfaces.

Tips #4: Don’t Leave Standing Water

One thing that can effortlessly destroy your valuable polished concrete floors is leaving standing water on the surfaces for long hours. Besides causing stubborn and displeasing stains, standing water on polished concrete floors can attract mould and other water-loving insects into your space.

If you spill water on the floor, wipe it off immediately using a cleaning and absorbent cloth. Additionally, when cleaning, don’t let the water rest on the surfaces for too long to minimize staining.

Tips #5: Undertake Regular Professional Maintenance

Another ideal maintenance tip for polished concrete floors is conducting professional maintenance regularly. Hiring a professional for regular maintenance assures top-notch services thanks to their expertise and experience, which offers maximum protection to your polished concrete floor.

It’s also cost-effective as it can evaluate forthcoming damages and act responsibly before they happen. Professional maintenance increases the lifespan of your polished concrete floors, winning you the value of your hard-earned pennies back.

Tips #6: Re-Polish When Necessary

Over time, the shininess on your polished concrete floors may fade, making the surfaces less attractive. In such situations, instead of living with a heavy heart over a dull floor, you can confidently re-polish the surfaces to bring back the concrete floor that your heart desires. Re-polishing restores the shininess and appeal of the concrete floor and eliminates any pre-existing stains and scratches.

Tips #7: Use Area Rugs

Another maintenance tip for polished concrete floors is using area rugs to prevent scuffs and scratches on the surfaces. Even though polished concrete floors are naturally durable, they can still be damaged by scratches from hard or abrasive objects if not protected.

Rugs also minimize the rate of wear and tear on polished concrete floors by evenly distributing the weight of foot traffic and other impacts. They also protect the surfaces against chips and cracks, mainly inflicted when moving furniture or walking around. Experts have also recommended using furniture pads on your household pieces for maximum protection.

Tips #8: Clean with a Microfiber Mop

The type of mop you embrace for your beloved polished concrete floor significantly affects its longevity. Microfiber mops have been highly recommended for such floors thanks to their unmatched gentleness on the surfaces.

A microfiber mop will not cause scratches to a polished concrete floor that would damage it. Its highly absorbent feature lets it collect all the water from the floor, leaving no room for stains and water-loving insects.

Tips #9: Do Not Use High-Pressure Water

While it appears very easy and entertaining, using high-pressure water to clean your polished concrete floor is the most effortless way to damage the surfaces. Due to the high pressure, the water can leave marks or cause etching on the concrete, negatively affecting its longevity. Instead, use a damp mop or a gentle stream of water to clean the surfaces.

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