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9 Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology

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Facial recognition technology is a controversial topic. As such, it has its pros and cons, its supporters and detractors. Right now, let’s focus on the benefits of facial recognition technology.

This innovative technology comes with many different uses. It can prevent crimes and identify criminals. It can also make our lives easier when used properly and with good intentions.

Here are the nine benefits of facial recognition technology:

Benefit #1: Facial recognition improves public safety

Law enforcement authorities can use facial recognition to track down and identify criminals and improve security measures in different public venues, including airports and banks.

Video surveillance face recognition software combines artificial intelligence with video surveillance. These systems identify suspicious individuals, ensuring security staff will see what they need to see to respond to the situation.

Plus, the presence of a facial recognition software video system could be enough to deter criminals and keep public venues safe.

Benefit #2: Facial recognition can verify people’s identity without ID cards or passwords

Facial recognition technology can also be useful to verify someone’s identity without presenting an ID card. Facial recognition can simplify everything when contactless and non-invasive procedures are considered safer.

With this technology, all people have to do to prove their identity is shown their faces to a camera.

Facial recognition can even be used to unlock your phone or to access a computer or software without the need to remember and enter a password.

Benefit #3: Facial recognition helps prevent banking fraud

Another benefit of facial recognition technology is that it can help prevent banking fraud. This is good for banks and customers who rely on banks to keep their money safe.

For example, instead of having to enter a one-time password to authorize a transaction, you could show your face to the camera of your smartphone or computer.

Eventually, facial recognition could replace debit cards. And you don’t have to worry about someone using a photo of your face to try to take control of your money, as static images can’t fool facial recognition technology.

Benefit #4: Facial recognition helps prevent theft and shoplifting

Facial recognition can help prevent theft and shoplifting. Security cameras can be enough to deter some shoplifters, but if theft occurs anyway, the technology will help identify the perpetrators.

But facial recognition can also be useful to retail store owners for its ability to identify known thieves and shoplifters when they walk in, so the staff can be alerted and keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t have a chance to steal something behind their back.

Benefit #5: Facial recognition can provide personalized shopping experiences for customers

Implementing facial recognition technology in a retail space has other benefits. It could provide a personalized shopping experience for each customer who enters a store by recommending them products based on their previous purchases or pointing them in the right direction to find what they are looking for.

On top of increasing customer loyalty, facial recognition technology can allow customers to pay for their purchases without standing in line and using cash or a debit card.

Benefit #6: Facial recognition can help the police find missing people

Law enforcement authorities can use facial recognition technology to search for missing people. If someone has been missing walks in front of a facial recognition camera, their image will be compared to images in a police database to help identify them.

In the case of missing children who have been missing for years, the images captured by cameras will be compared with photos modified by ageing software to help identify them and reunite them with their families.

Benefit #7: Facial recognition helps improve worker attendance systems

Most workers are honest, but some will sometimes ask a friend to clock in for them, meaning they will get paid for the time they did not even spend at work. Thankfully for employers, facial recognition can be used to prevent time fraud.

When employees have to get their face scanned by a device instead of clocking in with a plastic card, worker attendance systems become more efficient and reliable.

Benefit #8: Facial recognition can help doctors detect genetic disorders

Facial recognition can diagnose certain genetic diseases that can cause unusual facial features. The technology can recognize these features, so the patients can receive a diagnosis.

This application of facial recognition technology is still being developed but could eventually replace traditional genetic testing as it is faster and less expensive.

Benefit #9: Facial recognition can simplify the organization of your photos

Do you take a lot of photos of your friends and family? If you use cloud storage, embedded facial recognition technology could make it easier to organize your precious memories.

And if you share some of your photos on social media sites such as Facebook, facial recognition is what suggests tags so you can quickly identify your friends in your photos if you want to. This is not as impressive as helping find missing children or detecting genetic disorders, but it can still be convenient for many!

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