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9 Bathtub Niche Ideas and Alternatives

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Every home needs at least one bathroom, and most bathrooms include a bathtub if not a four-piece bath and shower combo. This, after all, is a functional room with functional fixtures for all residents. Everyone needs to get clean. A bathtub, though, doesn’t need to only be functional. It can also be organized and a space of comfort – an organized oasis – if you will.

How can you create this desirable, stylish, and functional focal point with your bathtub? Easy. Just consider bringing one of the bathtub niche ideas below to life. A bathtub niche will allow you to add storage to your tub to keep your bath essentials organized while maintaining a sanctuary of relaxation and order.

Idea #1: Simple Built-in Bathtub Nook

A traditional bathtub niche is a nook that’s recessed inside a wall. You can make the nook larger or smaller to fit your needs. Consider whether you tend to have half a dozen bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash nearby or if all you need is one of each and a bar of soap. You’ll want to ensure it’s large enough to organize all your bathroom essentials neatly.

Consider using contrasting tiles to highlight the niche to create an elegant design with a built-in bathtub nook.

Idea #2: Bathtub Niche with Lighting

Say goodbye to poor lighting while you wash up: Consider installing a bathtub niche with built-in lighting. A lighted tub niche will make it easier to find exactly which shampoo bottle you’re looking for while adding some extra luxury to your contemporary bathroom design.

Idea #3: Walk-in Tub Elegance

A walk-in tub is arguably the most functional of all bathtub designs. It allows for the safety and accessibility needed in many households. A walk-in tub, though, doesn’t just need to be functional. It can also be elegant with the addition of a bathtub niche.

Walk in bathtubs have many excellent features, like non-slip flooring, easy-access doors, and handrails, will ensure safety. The storage niche will give you easy access to add your bubble bath and other bathtub necessities.

Even better? Add more luxury by choosing a walk-in tub with hydrotherapy or air jets.

Idea #4: Bathroom Floating Shelves

You don’t necessarily need a bathtub niche to have the functionality of easy-access bathroom storage in the tub. Consider installing floating shelves near your bathtub instead of directly in it for a faster and easier way to have much-needed bath storage.

This niche idea offers more flexibility as you can create shelving for towels, washcloths and other items that wouldn’t make sense in a bathtub niche. It’s also ideal if you have a freestanding bathtub, such as a claw-foot tub.

Idea #5: Classic Bathtub Cabinet

Don’t want to knock down the wall and re-tile to create a bathtub niche? No problem. Consider a classic tub-side cabinet instead. This is a storage solution you’ve likely seen in many, if not all, bathrooms. It allows you to tuck away your bath essentials in the bathroom to reduce clutter surrounding your tub.

Idea #6: Corner Shelving

Not everyone has the luxury of having an extra-large soaking tub or jacuzzi tub in their bathrooms. If your bathtub space is particularly small, you might opt for corner shelves instead of freestanding shelving or bathtub niche ideas.

Corner shelving is especially popular in bathtub/shower combo areas. Those with walk-in tubs can also benefit from this space-efficient organization solution. Bathtub corner shelves don’t take much room and give you a space for all your bottles, bars, and bath accessories, so you can take them off the tub’s edge once and for all. They make a once-neglected corner functional and useful – without overwhelming the area.

Idea #7: Basket Storage

If you’re looking for a bathtub storage solution with a little more vintage charm, consider using woven baskets instead. Instead of building a bathtub niche, you can use decorative woven baskets near your tub, either on a shelf or on the floor.

It’s a simple, fashionable, yet quick-to-implement storage solution. It can also quickly add a cozy element to traditional and modern bathrooms, including walk-in bathtubs.

Idea #8: Under-tub Storage Drawers

Have you ever heard of or considered under-tub drawers for discreet bathroom storage? This idea goes beyond the bathtub niche to give you even more storage space for towels, bath toys, cleaning supplies and other bath and shower essentials. It’s not only practical but also extremely discreet and clutter-free.

Idea #9: Tub Caddy

If you need to get your bathtub organized right now and don’t have the time for a tiling upgrade, consider buying a tub caddy. Ideally, find a tub caddy with the exact width of your bathtub and one with adjustable compartments. This will allow you to organize all your bath essentials exactly how you need them.

These tub caddies offer more than just shampoo and conditioner bottle storage – they typically have slots for books and wine glasses, too. They can offer the ultimate in-bath comfort and luxury right in your home.

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