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8 Important Realtor Responsibilities You Should Master

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When it comes to working as a realtor, the level of service you provide directly impacts the success of your business and how much real estate commission you can earn. Finding ways to impress your clients will yield better reviews and more referrals. Check out these 8 realtor responsibilities that are worth mastering to impress your clients!

1. Clear Communication

Developing your communication skills is something that will benefit you as a realtor. Clients always appreciate when their interactions with a realtor are straightforward and easy to understand. Buying a house is already stressful enough without having to deal with a realtor who makes things confusing.

As a realtor, you should be intimately familiar with the buying and selling process, which will help you make things easier for your clients. In addition to learning how to explain things in a simple way, relators have to find ways to eliminate some of the complexities of the buying or selling process.

2. Provide Suggestions Uniquely Tailored To The Client

Nothing is more frustrating for a client when they can tell the realtor only cares about making the sale. Moving is a significant undertaking and comes with many implications on a person’s life. As a realtor, part of your job is finding out what these implications are and using your professional skills to accommodate them in the home buying process.

Finding out what’s important to your clients or what they’re going to miss about their old area can help you make better suggestions that are in line with their needs. One of the least talked about realtor responsibilities is taking the time to learn about your clients as people so you can serve them at a high level.

3. Educate The Buyer On The Neighborhood

One of the important realtor responsibilities to master is educating your clients on their new neighborhood. Again, this starts with knowing what’s important to your clients. In general, people will want to know about the demographics of their neighborhood, nearby entertainment, and transportation options.

If your client has young children, then it’s more important to focus on the quality of the schools and the safety of the area. Educating your clients on their new neighborhood will help them see the bigger picture of everything that comes with purchasing a new home.

4. Use Your Network Of Professionals To Help Your Clients

One of the best ways to make a good impression on your clients is finding ways to make things easy for them. As a realtor, it’s likely you have connections with brokers, inspectors, and lawyers. Use your professional connections to make the buying process a little smoother for your clients. Most professionals also offer a courtesy referral fee which works to your benefit as a realtor. Introducing your clients to trusted professionals will prevent them from having to source out these people for themselves.

5. Help Clients Understand Financial Realities

One of the best things a realtor can do for their clients is to help them understand the financial realities of their situation. Home buying is an expensive process, and it can seem like fees pop up out of nowhere. Property tax adjustments, inspection costs, and appraisal costs and cause the price to jump and scare your clients.

Take the initiative and find out the cost for these miscellaneous items ahead of time. Taking the time to find these things out will reduce any unpleasant surprises for your clients.

6. Investigate The Property For Your Clients

As a realtor, doing your due diligence can go a long way to keeping a happy customer base. Take the time to inspect the property before any sale is finalized. Any flaws or defects you find can influence the sale price. It’s worth getting a home inspector to check out the property as well, so you don’t miss anything. Another thing you can do is find out about the reoccurring costs on the property. Providing accurate estimates of hydro and heat costs is another way you can better serve your clients.

7. Shield Your Clients From Drama

People on both sides of the negotiation can get difficult at times. Even if the negotiations seem to be stalling, it’s your job to shield your clients from the drama. This doesn’t mean lying to them about the situation, but they don’t need to know every emotional thing said by the other party. Problem-solving is one of the most important skills you can develop as a realtor.

8. Find Ways To Improve Your Marketing

Another realtor responsibility is marketing themselves to new people. Marketing yourself is especially important if you’re going to take these extra steps to serve your clients better. It’s worth spending your own money on newspaper ads, fliers, and general advertisements for your realtor services. Also, it’s worth spending your own money to market properties you have up for sale for your clients. Investing in your business will yield greater and faster results.

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