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7 Most Unique Gift Basket Decorating Ideas

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Getting a gift basket is one thing while decorating it is entirely another demanding task. Your basket needs to be presentable enough to lift the recipient’s heart and have them wishing for more or reciprocating the energy towards others.

After finding the perfect gift, the next hassle is always how and where to arrange the gifts to lift the thrill of surprises and anticipation. You should consider your potential receiver’s preferences, allergies, and personalities when preparing and decorating gift baskets Toronto. The goal is to decorate a gift basket for a more incredible experience and satisfaction for the sake of your next gifting session or event.

Check out these seven unique gift basket decorating ideas:

Gift Basket Decorating Idea #1: Work on the Empty Basket First

The gift basket vessel guides you on how many goodies to get, how to arrange them, and how to wrap the whole basket. Plenty of baskets in the market are suitable for packing gifts, from canvas, sea grass, wooden, plastic, paper, and glass to metallic and cotton woven.

Choose one that appeals to your eyes and is most likely adorable to your potential recipient. The basket should be spacious enough to accommodate assorted goodies without appearing congested or underfilled. Empty gift baskets can be decorated with enough filler on which the gifts will lie to avoid any breakages or disarrangement.

Gift Basket Decorating Idea #2: The Perfect Colour

You don’t want to colour clash your basket by mixing unmatched coloured gifts. Working with a particular theme colour helps you to avoid colour clashing while arranging the gifts much more effortlessly and appealing.

The theme colour is often guided by the upcoming occasion or event or the gift recipient’s favourite colour, interest, or personality. For instance, light colours are mostly believed to represent calm and introverted personalities, while dark ones are for extroverts and fun people.

When preparing a gift basket for parents, you can choose a colour that fits the baby’s gender, similar to wedding baskets, where you should choose the theme depending on the wedding’s general colour.

Gift Basket Decorating Idea #3: Get Enough Goodies

The gift holder or basket should be spacious enough to hold many assorted gifts. You wouldn’t want to leave extra spaces wishing to have purchased more items or get excess stuff, lacking adequate space for them.

Additionally, ensure the gifts align with each other depending on the theme at hand. For instance, if you’re preparing a wine gift basket, most goodies should be wine-related and nothing out of line.

A tip: Gifts from a wholesale store is cheaper than in retail stores.

Gift Basket Decorating Idea #4: Arranging the Goodies

How you arrange items in your basket significantly contributes to their overall appearance and impact on the receiver. You should align all the items descendingly to create an appealing aerial view.

Typically, the tallest or largest gift sits first, followed by subsequent sizes and the smallest ones close to the wrapper.

Ensure all sides are equally balanced in that none carries more items than the other to create uniformity. You can follow plenty of styles while arranging your basket; regardless of style, ensure all the content remains upright even during transportation.

Gift Basket Decorating Idea #5: The Extra Spaces

What about the extra spaces left after arranging the gifts? That’s where creativity kicks in. Sometimes, the readily available gift baskets from the store might not have been filled to satisfaction, thus requiring additional touches to be more appealing.

The same case could apply to your DIY gift basket after you run out of ideas about what to do with the extra space. Worry not; there are plenty of materials you can use to fill up those spaces without messing with your basket’s beauty. You can sprinkle fresh rose flower petals or shredded coloured paper to cover up the spaces.

Gift Basket Decorating Idea #6: The Cover Wraps

Cellophane wraps are the most common and beautiful cover wrappers for gift baskets, as they are readily available from your local store or florist. Ensure the cellophane is wide enough to cover the entire basket. When wrapping, place the basket at the center of the cellophane wrapper, then gather it towards the top and tie it together with an elastic rubber or tiny thread.

The rubber or thread shouldn’t be left naked but instead covered with a fancy ribbon relative to the basket’s size. Ribbons are also readily available at any local store and an affordable price. Ensure not to overwrap the basket; overwrapping prevents a clear vision of the items, reducing the beauty and impact of the basket.

Gift Basket Decorating Idea #7: Additional Accessories

Your basket isn’t done yet without an enclosure card to enhance the experience. Although they are not a must, most gift baskets appear fancier when accompanied by an enclosure card. It could be a greeting, best wishes, or congratulations card. The card should be small yet conspicuous enough for the receiver.

While most ready-made gift baskets come with a printed card at hand, you can also design your own with a manila paper cut and write your words of preference to the receiver. The card should be placed on the outer part of the wrapper, next to the ribbon, or on the wrapper’s upper side.

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