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6 Types of Locksmith Services

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Professional lock handling involves more than just picking a key hole and providing entry if a key is lost. These six types of locksmith services are examples of the responsibilities of someone who handles locks and security systems.

1. Lost key duplication

As a precautionary measure, a skilled key maker can produce extra copies for friends, relatives or coworkers. This provides convenience to everyone who needs to enter a home or building alone on a regular basis. It also gives all parties the peace of mind of still having access to a locked building even if one key is lost.

2. Lock changes

A duplicate key can provide fast entry into a building without calling a professional for access in the middle of the night. However, security standards in even the low-crime residential neighborhoods and business districts might require heightened security. Therefore, a household or commercial establishment might prefer a lock change after a key is lost.

3. New lock installation

Maybe a building needs an upgrade or new construction requires new lock installation. This might require placing keyless entry censors, deadbolts or combination locks on the premises. Setup of fingerprint or handprint security systems also is an option.

4. Security system maintenance

This entails making sure all alarm codes, sensors, keypads or other locking devices work properly. When not working, a locksmith Toronto steps in and repairs or replaces faulty systems and parts. Routine inspections also are a part of security maintenance to avoid break-ins and theft.

5. Vehicle entry

Many car locks have become just as advanced as the ones installed in businesses and homes. Nowadays, it usually requires more than just a homemade wire hook historically used to pull a door look up to open position. Besides, the window might be closed tight and homemade vehicle lock picking might not work in this case. Professionals who provide entry into vehicles have tools that that help cars who might have some of the newest types of locking technology.

6. Emergency repairs

Whether because of having to force open a lock if a key is lost or if a security system has an error, immediate assistance might be needed. Many professionals who handle all kinds of locking technology make themselves available in case of emergency repairs before or after entry into a car, home or building.

In addition to residential and vehicle entry, locksmith services might include handling cases in all types of industries. Schools, banks, government buildings or office complexes are just a few entities that might need assistance with locks and keys. Sometimes, professional lock handlers even assist in forensic cases.

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