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6 Best Dental Options for Missing Teeth

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Having a good set of teeth is important for your health. Apart from making you look and feel good, there are health factors involved. Chewing and eating properly play a big role in your overall health. If you have a tooth (or several teeth missing), do not worry, as there are dental options for missing teeth.

You can explore several options with your dentist to develop the right solution for you. Eat properly has a major impact on your health, so oral health is really important. Let’s take a look at some of the options open to you when it comes to missing teeth.

Dental Option #1: Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best options for missing teeth. It is a great aesthetic solution, feels natural, and is secure. It can improve your smile, your health and your confidence. There can be negative consequences when you have a missing tooth (or teeth).

A dental implant looks and feels just like your own tooth. This is a very common method of replacing a missing tooth. This procedure is both reliable and permanent. It becomes a part of you and can last you a lifetime.

This procedure involves replacing the root of your tooth with special metal screws. This is used as an anchor. After some time, the implant becomes fused to the jawbone. The dentist will use a ceramic dental crown on the implant. Specialists make these ceramic crowns look and feel like real teeth.

If you have several teeth that are missing, dental implants are probably the best solution. This is an expensive procedure, so hopefully, you have dental insurance.

Dental Option #2: Partial Denture (Removable)

This is a procedure where a small section of the missing teeth is replaced. It is known as a removable partial denture. They function as if they were your own and look normal as well. This is also great from an aesthetic point of view. You can chew and smile and just be normal. However, they are not as durable compared to a bridge or an implant.

The other downside of this is that it can get somewhat uncomfortable when worn for long. The good thing about this option is that it is not as expensive as other replacement options. If there is any damage, it is also much easier to repair.

Dental Option #3: Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge works by bridging the gap between one or several missing teeth. This process involves many visits to the dentist. This process takes time since an implant has to be placed, the bridge has to be customized, and the bridge has to be placed.

Once all this has taken place, the result is good because they function as if they were your natural teeth. This also does not need to be removed for cleaning, which is convenient. Compared to an implant, it is more cost-effective.

Dental Option #4: Tooth-supported Bridge

In this procedure, your teeth are used to support a bridge without using a couple of implants. Where the tooth or teeth are missing, a crown is placed and then cemented securely in place.

Again, this procedure will also require several trips to the dentist. It looks and feels like your own teeth, just like an implant. The good thing about this procedure is that it is not that invasive since there is no surgery involved. It is also considered a more economical solution.

Dental Option #5: Resin-retained Bridge

Compared to a fixed bridge, a resin-retained bridge is not as invasive. This is a good option if you have front teeth missing. Front teeth are not subjected to as much pressure compared to other teeth. A fixed bridge is more important for chewing. In this procedure, the resin-retained bridge is attached to the neighbouring teeth. They are not as durable as a fixed bridge, but the plus side is they are also not as expensive.

Dental Option #6: Removable Complete Dentures

For missing teeth, this is another option but does require multiple visits to the dentist. It can be quite invasive, but this also depends on how many teeth you have. In this procedure, either all or nearly all teeth are replaced. With a removable partial denture, only some of the teeth are replaced. This option is aesthetically pleasing and functional. However, it is not meant to be worn all day long.

You need to speak with your dentist to see which option is right for you. It also depends on you. Some people can afford certain procedures, some may have insurance, and others may pay from their pocket. Some dentists also offer payment plans. Some of these options are invasive and require surgery, while others do not. These are some of the dental options for missing teeth. One will be right for you.

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