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5 Ways A Real Estate Agent Can Find Sellers Who Need To Sell Urgently

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Sometimes the real estate business can be a waiting game. A real estate agent may be waiting for a buyer to get their financing in order, or an agent might be working with a seller who is slowly preparing the home for sale, but there are ways to locate sellers who need to sell quickly.

1. Become a Relocation Expert

Market yourself as an agent who helps families relocate out of your town. Let them know you can them find movers and a real estate agent in the city they are moving to. Create a checklist, both digital to email and on paper to hand deliver, that shows them all the things they need to do before they move and after. Show them that you know the process, and you can make it easier on them. Advertise yourself online, at open houses, and through your website. More information can be found at Chestnut Park.

2. Be an Agent That Handles Divorce Sales

Divorce is a sensitive subject, but if you approach it from a professional standpoint, you will find it is a much-needed service. Tell clients you will communicate the same message to both parties, and everyone will get the same treatment, documents, and emails. Advise both parties you will be working for both of them, and your goals is to get the property sold fast for the most amount of money. You should be available to meet with them individually or if they prefer, together. Let them choose.

3. Probate

Before tackling probate sales, make sure you understand the process. Take some classes, or educate yourself about the procedures. Then you can market yourself to family-law and estate attorneys. Join community organizations, where you can meet other professionals and attorneys. Mail professional looking letters to their offices and offer your services. Be sure to put in several business cards. Send out an email to your current and past clients letting them know you can help them or anyone they know who is going through probate.

4. Problematic Homes

It is a fact that there are homes that people have passed away in. These properties still need to sell, but they can often come with dark clouds over them. That does not have to be the case. Many homebuyers and investors have no problem buying homes such as these. Some agents are uncomfortable handling these often delicate situations, but you can create a simple page on your website that discusses how you can help owners sell property that has had a death in the house or on the property. Do not make a big deal out of it. Keep it simple and professional, and the sellers will find you.

5. Homes Heading to Foreclosure

Short sales are not as prevalent as they were a few years back, but they are still around. Some homeowners do not know that doing a short sale may still be an option for them even if they are in foreclosure. Let these types of owners know that there might be help available for them, but they need to act quickly. Try to reach them with a letter.

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