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5 TV Placement Ideas for Your Living Room

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When you are setting up a living room, there are lots of things to consider. What type of seating are you going to have? Where is the lighting going? What about a coffee table? People love to have a stylish setup and make sure everything looks great. One thing that usually gets missed is TV placement.

TVs used to be big, bulky units that sat in the corner of the room. You just plugged them in and watched your favourite shows. They have gone through some drastic changes and are no longer big boxes. They are sleek and thin and can add to the look of a room. Decorating a room now involves your television and it has become the focal point. So where do you put your TVs now?

Here are some great TV placement ideas for your home:

Idea #1: Figure out the Distance and Height

Before we discuss the different TV placement ideas, let’s discuss first the distance and height of where your TV will be placed. We all want to have the best viewing experience when we watch movies and TV shows. There are formulas to measure the exact distance and experts that have researched the idea height for optimal viewing.

Ultimately it comes down to comfort. You kind of know it when you hit that sweet spot. Your TV should meet the height of your eyes when sitting otherwise you will have to look up and strain your neck. As far as distance, most TVs are around 40” so 5-8’ from the tv is good for viewing. If your TV is larger then you can increase the distance.

Idea #2: Competing With a Fireplace

Fireplaces tend to be a focal point in a living room. Usually, seating is arranged to face the fire and that directly competes with the TV. So what do we do?

You can put a TV, mounted on the wall over a fireplace. It’s an easy choice and kinda makes sense. Looking back at the first tip though,  it would be too high to comfortably watch and may cause neck strain. If you have the room it’s much better to have the TV on a media cabinet and dedicate some seating for watching your shows.

You can place it beside the fireplace or a whole new wall. Either way, a fireplace and TV can comfortably co-exist together.

Idea #3: Dealing With Windows 

Most living rooms have windows and it’s a great thing. They bring in natural light and allow you to see the beauty just outside the pane. You wouldn’t want to have a room with no windows, especially a room where you spend a lot of time in like a living room.

Windows take up precious wall real estate and that means a no go for TVs. The last thing you want is cords and cables hanging out the back that can be seen from outside. The other problem is glare on the TV from the sun. Place your TV on a wall that is not affected by either. This will allow you to enjoy the sun, view, and your favourite reality show.

Idea #4: Dedicated Media Area

We have been trying to make our TVs fit the room but what if the TV was a main design piece? There are amazing media units on the market today that will fit your living space and add to the style and decor. You can have them custom made it fit smaller areas and larger units for great rooms.

You can have low rise cabinets that house TV components at the bottom. This can be completed with beautiful flat screen TV stands. It is sleek and streamlined creating a focal point for viewing. Other media centres can surround a TV and create a whole wall. You may have cable, satellite, and gaming components to hide so having lots of compartments are beneficial.

To make the space look less bare, consider decorating the area. Abbott home decor can make the dedicated media area look vibrant and come alive.

Idea #5: Centre Placement

This design only works with a large living room but can be very effective.  If you have multiple seating areas and need a focal point in the middle, why not use a TV. This can be great for looking inward and keeps people entertained while facing the centre of the space.

Media centres work well for this and you can use decorative screening for the back of the TV. You can have family members watching a show while still in the direction of the rest of the house. This also frees up wall space for artwork, windows, and fireplaces. You don’t have to compromise what you want in your house.

There are some great ideas for where to put your TV in your living room. For placement in other rooms, use the same ideas and make them fit comfortably. You shouldn’t have to compromise style when you want in home entertainment. Go out and get those big TV and fit the right place for your unique home. Oh, and enjoy your TV watching experience in peace.

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