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5 Great Career Fields To Consider In Project Management

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In order to become an effective project manager, you will often have to obtain a degree within a relevant field of study or obtain sufficient work experience that can be applied to the position. There are various jobs that are various fields that are worth exploring if you are hoping to become a project manager such as:

1. Construction

Median Salary: $75,000

Construction is an excellent field to try to break into if you are hoping to become a project manager. Duties for project managers in construction are mainly administrative such as quality control, overseeing employee and project schedule, budgeting, and involvement in design and planning. Most positions in this field requires years of prior experience in project managing or related construction roles.

2. Tech

Median Salary: $81,000

Our modern day society revolves around tech, both old and upcoming, which makes it a promising field for project managers looking to go into IT/Tech. Technical project managers are expected to plan tasks, set milestones, allocate resources, and ensure the technology project plan is on schedule. As they are in the tech and IT field, a technical project manager is expected to be well versed in tech terminology. Some positions may require experience and education in tech fields such as computer science, information systems, or engineering.

3. Business

Median Salary: $72,000

Business is arguably the most common field for a project manager. This field has several types of positions for project managers ranging from general business projects to business development. Depending on the specific job title, a business project manager can be expected to plan, budget, and oversee the completion of a new business project to developing a business plan to increase revenue, brand loyalty, or improve customer satisfaction. This field is great for individuals who are natural problem solvers or are looking for a challenge. Experience and knowledge required is dependent on the role and organization but usually a project management certificate is a good place to start.

4. Government

Median Salary: $78,000

Working in government is another popular choice for project managers. Job duties include the usual creating, budgeting, and successful completion of a project plan however due to the nature of the government, you must also carefully include risks and controls in the project. Government project managers or program managers can expect plenty of traveling and will be expected to interact with other teams. Experience is usually expected.

5. Telecommunications

Median Salary: $80,500

Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing fields and growth with synonymous with project managers. A telecom project manager is expected to develop short and long term plans to meet company objectives whether that be revenue or timely completion of the project. Experience is necessary for this role as it requires knowledge of government regulations and a solid understanding of business and workflow processes of companies in this field.

Overall, becoming a project manager can be a very rewarding career and there are many various fields in which you can pursue this type of position. In order to effectively land the job you want, you should ensure that your qualifications, skills, work experience, and education align with the job requirements of the position. If you already have relevant experience in one of the above fields, you may want to consider developing a clearly defined path towards moving up the corporate ladder towards becoming a project manager. All of your relevant experience can be applied towards helping employees to reach their goals and utilize all of the proper resources and skills needed in order to perform well.

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