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4 Ways to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Data Center

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Data centers across the globe are feeling pressure to reduce costs and increase their efficiency. Traditionally, data centre management isn’t very efficient, and enterprises have overprovisioned and underutilized it. Nonetheless, recent trends are indicating that modern companies are taking the initiative to increase the efficiency of their data centres. Below are ways companies can improve their data centres efficiency.

1. Align Business Objectives with IT Projects

Complete alignment within an organization results in increased efficiency. One of the best ways to align an organization is to embark on data centre convergence, and a data centre technician can help an enterprise to align its business and IT objectives. One of the inefficiencies plaguing today’s enterprises is when the IT department undertakes a project without consulting other departments. That can result in wastage of millions of dollars and a lot of time and impact the bottom line adversely.

2. Implement Network Virtualization

Companies have shifted into virtualization and are expecting to utilize it to transform their data centres operations down the road. Data centre technicians often use hardware and software network resources to implement network virtualization, which increases the overall efficiency within an organization. In fact, streamlining the operations of a data centre and simplification of management operations is an essential component of data centre convergence. Moreover, a virtualized network eliminates the need for an organization to sacrifice network reliability.

3. Match Talent with Goals

Whether an organization wants to hire an experienced data centre technician or is in need of data cabling laborers, hiring the right talent can be a game changer. A sound data cabling infrastructure plays a critical role in boosting the efficiency of a data centre. With a robust data cabling infrastructure, an enterprise can achieve scalability, performance, overall efficiency, and solutions naturally. Companies cannot understate the importance of hiring a talented data cabling technician, so utilize all the available resources to ensure you employ a talent that matches your business goals.

4. Optimize Data Centre Cooling

Data centre technicians should ensure the adherence of the data centre cooling best practices to achieve a maximum level of efficiency. For example, the installation of an air economizer can improve data centre efficiency in colder regions. Companies in North America can utilize air economizers to cool their data centres with the cold air coming from outside. Alternatively, a data centre can install an air conditioning system and use an air optimizer to reduce the total amount of heat that the unit produces. Moreover, data centres that generate a lot of heat can be housed in isolated structures to funnel the extreme temperatures out of the facility or utilize it to heat others parts of the unit. Companies have to expand and increase the efficiency of their data centres to support the growing consumption of data arising for data, video, and voice communications.

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