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4 Tips for Using Promotional Items in Your Marketing Strategy

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If your marketing strategy includes promotional items, you’re right on track. But if you want to get the most of these products, you’ll need to maximize them both internally and externally. The question is, how can you improve sales by giving out these products? Here are some helpful tips to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

1. Start from Within Your Business

The main objective of a business is to increase sales and expand the reach of its products and services to customers far and wide. To achieve this, you must first start from home. Your employees are among the building blocks of your business. In other words, they are part of the business family tree and should be duly regarded. Starting with your employees for promotional items is a step in the right direction. Give them branded t-shirts, branded caps, branded mugs, key holders with your company logo printed on it, and other items to showcase. They should be the first ones to promote your business.

If you truly want to build a good reputation in the business world and edge out competitors, start with your employees.

2. Reward Loyal Customers

Everyone love freebies, and your customers are no exceptions. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is focusing on prospects rather than long-term loyal customers. Regardless of the number of loyal customers you have, show them you care about them. The fact is the customers you already have feel loved and appreciated when you give them promotional items. This, in turn, increases their loyalty.

As a matter of fact, most customers will love to receive promotional items on a regular basis. And the more they use your customized products, the more their loyalty will grow. They’ll continue to purchase from you and may become ambassadors of your business.

3. Build Relationships with Prospects

Giving out promotional items gives your sales team a reason to check in on prospects. Visiting with product giveaways is an excellent way to show your prospects you care about their potential business. Not only will it further strengthen the business relationship, but it will also increase their commitment to your brand—perhaps just enough for them to decide to buy from you.

Dropping by a prospect’s place of business with promotional product giveaways will do a lot more than just increase sales – it will leave behind a lasting impression.

4. Give out Promotional Items at Trade Fairs and Company-Sponsored Events

Giving out freebies should not be limited to your employees, customers, and prospects alone. You should devise ways to reach leads earlier in the buying cycle as well. Give out promotional items during company-sponsored events such as picnics to leave a lasting impression.

Trade fairs further expand your business reach and exposure. Some even offer a worldwide audience, which you can target. To this end, if you’re participating in a trade fair, then make sure you give away promotional items to attendees. These items can vary from pens and shopping bags to hats and shirts. It is, however, important that you use relevant, high-quality items.

Businesses today often give out promotional products as part of their marketing strategies since it is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote their brands. It’s a low-cost marketing method that can increase your customer base and boost your revenue.

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