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4 Highly Effective Tools That Professionals Plumbers Use to Solve Issues

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Not all plumbing issues can be resolved with standard home plumbing equipment or even department store solutions. Apart from expertise, a professional plumber will offer a range of commercial equipment that most people simply don’t have in their homes. From powerful drain cleaning machines to high-powered water jets, professional plumbers can solve some of the toughest drainage issues that you might experience either at home or at work.

1. Drain Cleaning Machines

What started out as a simple metal tape has transformed into a highly powerful motorized drain cleaning machine that cuts and tears through some of the toughest blockages. Different types of machines exist but the goal is to essentially break up, loosen, and clean out your drains by using a powerful rotating cable.

These machines can be very expensive and given that you wouldn’t need one very often, it’s usually cheaper for a plumber to use one on your pipes than to buy one yourself. Depending on the machine, they can be used for indoor pipes or outdoor sewer pipes and they can break up blockage or prevent it entirely.

2. Sewer Jetters

Sewer jetters are high-powered water jets that are used to clear obstructions in both residential and commercial pipes and they can even be used for municipal sewer systems as well. Plumbers use drain jetters because they are efficient, simple to use, and often safer to use than a motorized cable.

These are very effective at clearing out obstructions such as grease, food, and even some obstructions that are a little more solid. The water propels through your pipes and the size of the pipes will determine how long they will take to thoroughly clean.

3. CCTV Technology

Plumbers are notorious for taking advantage of CCTV technology, which is essentially the use of cameras. Plumbers navigate tiny cameras through your pipes to locate obstructions and other areas of concern. The images from the camera inform the plumber of the location of the blockage as well as the nature of the blockage; having this information allows them to approach the situation more precisely.

This can be extremely helpful in situations where they need to excavate outside as knowing the exact location of the damage or obstruction means limiting the amount of land that needs to be dug into. It also just simplifies the process and makes things go more quickly. Visit ExpressRooter if you are interested in learning more information.

4. Trenchless Pipe Repair Equipment

When plumbers do need to excavate to access pipes outside, the job can be extremely disruptive. Plumbers typically have tools to limit this disruption and make the entire process as easy as possible and one of these tools is a trenchless pipe replacement machine. These allow plumbers to replace broken or damaged pipes without digging trenches or causing significant damages to the environment, which ultimately minimizes cleanup as well. Depending on the nature of your situation, plumbers may use a combination of this equipment to get the job done as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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