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Photo: Loes van Delft We speak to Loes van Delft, who dabbles in customising sneakers. In 2012 she participated in TV real life documan...

We speak to Loes van Delft, who dabbles in customising sneakers. In 2012 she participated in TV real life documantary ‘Connected’ which gave her and her work national exposure.

Hi Loes! Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Loes van Delft, 22 - almost 23, years old. Born in a small village. As cliché as it may sound, I have always been busy drawing and painting. Now that I think about it, that's actually the only thing I'm 'good' at. But I paint with a lot of passion and love, and that's a very important ingredient when you wanna create something new.

When did you discover your love for illustrations?
As I said earlier, I've always had a passion for drawing, but during my internship year in college, I knew I wanted to continue my creativity. I think the art world is so special and this is finally one of the few things I once did not fall off the bridle.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?
I always think it's a bit of nonsense that people say inspiration comes from 'everyday life'. Creativity is in your head, inside. You can't force a creation. You can not sit down at your desk with the intent to make sketches for a new painting. Ideas come at a magical moment that you can't enforce.

Who do you dream of working with?
I've been a few times collaborated with other painters (I hate the word 'artist', so I'm not gonna use that word), but in retrospect I still think a result is better when you do it by yourself. When you make a painting by yourself, you don't have to deal with different mindsets and above all you can decide everything at your own. I find myself very well in that latest point). But there is obviously some art I admire, like Kaws and Andy Warhol.

If you could only work with one colour, which one would it be, and why?
Difficult question, because I actually think that different colors make a painting 'beautiful'. I love to use as much colors as possible, an explosion of happiness. But if I really have to choose only one colour, it would be black (but that's officially no colour, right?) cause my blurring line characterize who I am and my blurring outlines are my trademark.

Where is the one place on the planet you have dreamed of visiting?
I'm not so adventurous. At least, not in the field of travel. But I'd love to visit New York and bring my art with me. That city is bustling, there's so much life in it. I'm sure they can appreciate Pjipje.

What would you do if you win a million euros?
I've always been a little in love with Amsterdam. I think there is a big chance that I would pump all of that million euros in a canal house. ;)

What is success to you?
Succes is doing what you love, and loving what you do.

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